Accelerate: Innovations in Emerging Technologies

Integrating new approaches into fundamental research to speed the transition of discoveries to commercial technologies and products


Accelerate projects address gaps that limit basic science innovations from advancing to applied research for further development. A focus is on approaches that can be scaled and readily transitioned into new products and capabilities that strengthen the nation’s economy. BER-supported Accelerate research is studying the behavior of microbes in bioreactors to understand why biomanufacturing processes that work well in laboratories often fail when scaled up for industrial production.

Current Awards

The Office of Science supported 11 awards in 2023. BER supported one project.

Lead PIProjectPI OrganizationYear
Salvachua Rodriguez, DavinReal-time Sensing and Adaptive Computing to Elucidate Microenvironment-Induced Cell Heterogeneities and Accelerate Scalable BioprocessesNational Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)2023

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