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DOE announces Early Career Research Program awards for FY 2020

Seven researchers received FY 2020 Early Career Research Program awards from DOE’s Office of Biological and Environmental Research within DOE’s Office of Science:

  • Joanne B. Emerson, Award Abstract: “Infective Viruses and Inert Virions: Illuminating Abundant Unknowns in Terrestrial Biogeochemical Cycles”
  • Matthew Hoffman, Award Abstract: “Creating a Sea-Level-Enabled E3SM: A Critical Capability for Predicting Coastal Impacts”
  • Trevor F. Keenan, Award Abstract: “Extreme Drought, Heat, and Wildfire Impacts on Future Coastal Water Relations”
  • Erin E. Nuccio, Award Abstract: “Crosstalk: Interkingdom Interactions in the Mycorrhizal Hyphosphere and Ramifications for Soil C Cycling”
  • Christina M. Patricola, Award Abstract: “Variability and Change in Tropical Cyclone Characteristics: Coupled Atmosphere-Ocean Drivers and Coastal Impacts”
  • Simon Roux, Award Abstract: “Characterizing Virus-Driven Alterations of Microbial Metabolism in Model Soil Ecosystems”
  • Benjamin N. Sulman, Award Abstract: “Simulating Estuarine Wetland Function: Nitrogen Removal, Carbon Sequestration, and Greenhouse Gas Fluxes at the River-Land-Ocean Interface”

Learn more at Fiscal Year 2020 Genomic Science Early Career Research Program Awards.