SC Energy Earthshots

Supporting fundamental and basic research in support of the DOE Energy Earthshots™ to help achieve net-zero carbon by 2050


In 2023, the Office of Science (SC) launched the SC Energy Earthshots initiative, which includes support for basic research for the first six DOE Energy Earthshots™ (launched before 2023) through two complementary mechanisms: the Energy Earthshot Research Centers (EERCs) and the Science Foundations for the Energy Earthshots.

  • The Energy Earthshot Research Centers (EERCs) bring together multi-investigator, multi-disciplinary teams to address key basic research challenges for the six initial DOE Energy Earthshots™, with each Center focused on one of the Energy Earthshots. The scientific knowledge gained should impact research and development efforts currently of interest to the Department’s energy technology offices.The Office of Science supported 11 awards in 2023. BER supported four of these projects. The BER Biological Systems Science Division (BSSD) is funding two EERCs in support of the Carbon Negative Shot. BER Earth and Environmental Systems Sciences Division leads one EERC and is in support of one more EERC with relevance to the Floating Offshore Wind Shot.
  • The Science Foundations for the Energy Earthshots brings together small teams focused on the crosscutting scientific challenges addressing multiple DOE Energy Earthshots™. Research will support basic science to seed innovations or to provide the scientific understanding to support existing technology development pathways for the needed portfolio of Energy Earthshot solutions. The Office of Science supported 18 science foundations awards in 2023.BER supported five of these projects projects. The BER Biological Systems Science Division (BSSD) is funding four projects in support of the Carbon Negative and Industrial Heat Shots. BER Earth and Environmental Systems Sciences Division (EESSD) is supporting of one project with relevance to the Carbon Negative Shot.

Current Awards

BER DivisionLead PIProjectPI OrganizationYearEarthshot
EESSDBerg, LarryAddressing Challenges in Energy: Floating Wind in a Changing Climate (ACE-FWICC)Pacific Northwest National Laboratory2023Carbon Negative Shot
EESSDSprague, MichaelFLOWMAS: Floating Offshore Wind Modeling and SimulationLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory2023Floating Offshore Wind Shot
BSSDTringe, SusannahRESTOR-C: RESTORation of Soil Carbon by Precision Biological StrategiesLawrence Berkeley National Laboratory2023Carbon Negative Shot
BSSDPett-Ridge, JenniferTerraforming Soil EERC: Accelerating Soil-Based Carbon Drawdown through Advanced Genomics and GeochemistryLawrence Livermore National Laboratory2023Carbon Negative Shot
EESSDRaymond, PeterCarbon Dioxide Removal and High-Performance Computing: Planetary Boundaries of Earth ShotsYale University2023Carbon Negative Shot
BSSDKirst, MattiasEngineering Sporopollenin and Its Carbon SupplyUniversity of Florida2023Carbon Negative Shot
BSSDAbbaszadeh, ShivaSolving the Paradox of Rhizosphere Effects on Soil Carbon CycleUniversity of CaliforniaSanta Cruz2023Carbon Negative Shot
BSSDPakrasi, HimadriUnleashing Photosynthesis and Nitrogen Fixation for Carbon Neutral Production of Nitrogen Rich CompoundsWashington University, St. Louis2023Carbon Negative Shot
BSSDNorth, JustinBiological Routes for Synthesizing the Industrial Platform Chemical, Propylene, from Deconstructed Lignin Waste and Captured Carbon Dioxide Produced During Lignin Valorization into Bio-oilOhio State University2023Carbon Negative Shot

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