Genomic Science Program
U.S. Department of Energy | Office of Science | Biological and Environmental Research Program

FOA: Genomics-Enabled Plant Biology for Determination of Gene Function


The DOE SC program in Biological and Environmental Research (BER) announces its interest in receiving applications focused on genomics-based research and technological innovation that will lead to transformative approaches to determine and validate gene function.

This funding opportunity seeks applications for research that address the challenges and opportunities in associating gene(s) to function (i.e., genotype to phenotype) in plant systems of relevance to the BER mission in energy and the environment, with the goal of elucidating and validating the functional roles of genes, gene families, and associated pathways. Examples of physiological and metabolic processes of interest include but are not limited to: nutrient and water use efficiency; tolerance and/or resistance to abiotic stresses such as drought and temperature extremes; developmental processes critical to enhanced biomass yield and optimization or extension of growth range; and metabolism of oils and fatty acids for biofuels and bioproducts. Species of interest include candidate bioenergy plants (e.g., sorghum, switchgrass, Populus) and oilseed crops (e.g., Camelina). Additionally, duckweed (Lemnaceae) as a source of biofuel/bioproducts will be considered. Research using model species such as Arabidopsis, Brachypodium, Chlamydomonas, and Nicotiana is acceptable if the applicant demonstrates clear relevance of the focal genetic system to candidate bioenergy crop plants, as well as potential for translation to bioenergy crops.

Funding Announcement Detail

  • Funding Announcement Number: DE-FOA-0002060
  • Funding Announcement: PDF
  • Submission Deadline for Pre-applications: March 13, 2019
  • Pre-application Response Date: March 21, 2019
  • Submission Deadline for Applications: May 17, 2019
  • Technical Contacts: Catherine Ronning, [email protected]