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Systems Biology for Energy and the Environment

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Genomic Science Program

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Genomics:GTL Awardee Workshop V
Metabolic Engineering Working Group Interagency Conference on Metabolic Engineering 2007
USDA-DOE Plant Feedstock Genomics for Bioenergy Awardee Workshop 2007

Bethesda, Maryland February 11–14, 2007

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  • ELSI, Communication [PDF]
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The Genomics:GTL Program abstracts and posters are organized according to the Milestones set forth in the 2005 GTL Roadmap and as shown below. Some of the research projects are pilots or proof-of-principle studies for sysems biology, technology and methods development, and computing.

Abstracts associated with the Metabolic Engineering Working Group (MEWG) are identified as such and intermixed with GTL abstracts in relevant categories.

Abstracts from the Plant Feedstock Genomics Joint Program (PFGJG) are in their own subsection beginning on page 201. Genomics:GTL Overarching Scientific Goal

Achieve a predictive, systems-level understanding of biological systems to help enable biobased solutions to DOE mission challenges.

Book PDFs: faster download PDF, 4404 kb; higher resolution PDF, 8879 kb.

Science and Technology Milestones

Milestone 1: Develop Techniques to Determine the Genome Structure and Functional Potential of Microbes and Microbial Communities (PDF, 1874 kb)

  1. Organism Sequencing, Annotation, and Comparative Genomics
  2. Microbial-Community Sequencing and Analysis
  3. Protein Production and Characterization
  4. Molecular Interactions

Milestone 2: Develop Methods and Concepts Needed to Achieve a Systems-Level Understanding of Microbial Cell and Community Function, Regulation, and Dynamics (PDF, 1197 kb)

  1. Omics: Systems Measurements of Plants, Microbes, and Communities
  2. Metabolic Network Experimentation and Modeling
  3. Regulatory Processes

Milestone 3: Develop the Knowledgebase, Computational Methods, and Capabilities to Advance the Understanding and Prediction of Complex Biological Systems (PDF, 64 kb)

  1. Computing Infrastructure, Bioinformatics, and Data Management

Ethical, Legal, and Societal Issues and Communication (PDF, 135 kb)

USDA-DOE Abstracts (PDF, 181 kb)

Table of Contents and Welcome (PDF, 798 kb)

Web Sites (PDF, 72 kb)

Indexes (PDF, 101 kb)

Addendum (PDF, 118 kb)

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