Genomic Science Program
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Research Highlights

11/17/2023ChoudharyHemantHybrid Biological and Chemical Process for Upcycling Mixed Plastics
08/02/2023LucasMaikSoil Structure Influences Root Growth and Carbon Storage
05/26/2023TuskanGeraldSplit Selectable Genetic Markers Enable Multi-Gene Plant Transformation
04/26/2023GibertJean P. Predicting Changes in Microbial Food Webs
04/10/2024MutalikVivek KDeciphering the Functions Encoded in Phage Genomes
04/03/2024LeeTaek SoonFor Sustainable Aviation Fuel, Researchers Engineer a Promising Microorganism for Precursor Production
03/27/2024PitonGabinSoil Bacteria Link their Life Strategies to Soil Conditions
03/20/2024TrinhCongYeast Uses Plastic Waste Oils to Make High-Value Chemicals
03/27/2024OrphanVictoria J.Scientists Confirm that Methane-Processing Microbes Produce a Fossil Record
03/06/2024KostkaJoel E.In Peatland Soil, a Warmer Climate and Elevated Carbon Dioxide Rapidly Alter Soil Organic Matter
02/09/2024JacobsonDanHow the Quantum World Can Help Scientists Engineer Biology
02/12/2024HofmockelKirsten S.Researchers Directly Detect Interactions Between Viruses and their Bacterial Hosts in Soils
02/20/2024MayaliXavierSurprising Strategies: Scientists Quantify the Activity of Algal-Associated Bacteria at the Microscale
02/05/2024ChurchGeorgeCreating a Virus-Resistant Bacterium Using a Synthetic Engineered Genome
10/18/2023JacobsonDanSignaling Across Kingdoms to Build the Plant Microbiome
11/08/2023PanChongleTo Study Competition and Cross-Feeding, Scientists Build Synthetic Microbiomes
07/27/2023ChenPengImaging Shows How Inorganic-Microbe Hybrids Use Light to Turn Carbon Dioxide into Bioplastic
09/27/2023JonikasMartin C.Scientists Build a Spatial Atlas of the Chloroplast Proteome, the Home of Photosynthesis
08/09/2023AbrahamPaulA Single Gene and a Unique Layer of Regulation Opens the Door for Novel Plant-Fungi Interactions
07/20/2023IsaacsFarren J.Engineering New Metabolic Pathways that Function Across Microbial Kingdoms
06/27/2023EdwardsJosephHost Genetics Play a Significant Role in the Composition of Switchgrass Root Microbiomes
07/24/2023EgbertRobert Taming Undomesticated Bacteria with a High-Efficiency Genome Engineering Tool
06/14/2023Eloe-FadroshEmileyTo Advance Microbiome Research, the National Microbiome Data Collaborative Ambassador Program Promotes Microbiome Data Standards
06/12/2023SwaminathanKankshitaResearchers Demonstrate First Precision Gene Editing in Miscanthus
05/17/2023McDermottJasonMachine Learning-Based Protein Annotation Tool Predicts Protein Function
05/08/2023GibertJean-PhilippeViruses Could Reshuffle the Carbon Cycle in a Warming World
04/17/2023GaoMuDeep Learning-Drives Insights into Protein-Protein Interactions
12/08/2022GladdenJohnRhodosporidium toruloides Engineered to Produce Triacetic Acid Lactone from Sorghum
01/08/2023KimSeungdoStrong Climate Mitigation Potential of Switchgrass Grown on Marginal Lands
10/14/2022ParrottWayne Engineered Auxotrophic Agrobacterium Strains Improve Plant Transformation
12/28/2022ReichertNancyTransformation and Gene Editing in the Bioenergy Grass Miscanthus
07/19/2022ScownCorinne D.In Planta Accumulation of Value-added Bioproducts Compared with Microbial Production Routes
05/19/2022MissaouiAli M.Researchers Map Genetic Diversity in Switchgrass
06/14/2022ZhaoHuiminOleaginous Yeast Metabolically Engineered to Overproduce Promising Platform Chemical
10/27/2022MansfieldShawn D.Engineered Poplar with Altered Lignin Composition More Readily Converted to Bioproducts
10/26/2021JoshiChandrashekharModification of Transcription Factor Expression in Poplar Changes Cell Wall Characteristics
10/18/2021KeaslingJayHigh-Efficiency Production of Terpene Precursors for Next-Generation Biofuels
02/14/2022KhannaMadhuResponsiveness of Miscanthus and Switchgrass Yields to Stand Age and Fertilization
12/06/2021StahlShannon Isolating Valuable Compounds from Complex Mixtures of Lignin Products
08/04/2020RushTomásCompound Communicates More than Expected in Microbes
09/18/2020ZhouJizhongNew Approach Helps Determine How Much Microbial Community Composition Is Driven by Selection and How Much by Chance
09/04/2020Blaby-HaasCrystenFinding Gene Neighbors Leads to New Protein Functions
02/16/2021MerchantSabeehaGreen Algae Express Genes More Like Bacteria than Previously Thought
02/01/2021SchadtChrisBurning the Forest, Not Just the Trees
03/02/2021Salvachúa RodríguezDaviniaHungry Fungi: White-Rot Fungi Eat All Components of the Wood They Decompose
03/21/2021Burnum-JohnsonKristinMolecular Connections from Plants to Fungi to Ants
10/19/2020AdamsMichaelMolybdenum Limits Microbes’ Ability to Remove Harmful Nitrate from Soil
01/26/2021CoatesJohnMicrobes Use Ancient Metabolism to Cycle Phosphorus
02/22/2021ZhouJizhongWarming Soil Means Stronger Microbe Networks
04/27/2021HungateBrucePredatory Bacteria, Eat Thy Neighbor
07/09/2020NorthJustin A Newly Discovered Enzyme Makes Ethylene and Methane
07/21/2021Morrell-FalveyJenniferScientists Identify Genes Key to Microbial Colonization of Plant Roots
06/09/2021CreggerMelissaTime, More than Genes, Shapes the Poplar Tree Microbiome
06/07/2021HungateBruceBacterial Carbon Cycling in Soil Is Not a Shared Effort
06/22/2021PelletierDaleCultivating the Microbiome of Populus Tree Roots
10/19/2021GibertJean-PhilippeMicrobes Offer a Glimpse into the Future of Climate Change
10/27/2021TraxlerMatthewFungal Recyclers: Fungi Reuse Fire-Altered Organic Matter
04/16/2021 TrinhCong T.Developing Novel Microbial Platforms for Designer Ester Biosynthesis
08/17/2021JinYong-SuEngineering Yeast to Efficiently Convert Hemicellulose into High-Value Bioproducts
08/25/2021ScownCorinne D.Assessing the Production Cost and Carbon Footprint of a Promising Aviation Biofuel
02/08/2021LowryDavid B.Unlocking a High-Quality Reference Genome for Switchgrass
09/27/2016StephanopoulosGregoryOleaginous Yeasts Move One Step Closer to Becoming Industrial Biodiesel Producers
11/11/2016PerottoSilviaNitrogen Uptake Between Fungi and Orchids
07/05/2017WoykeTanjaNew Technology Illuminates Microbial Dark Matter
03/30/2016DueberJohnEngineering Intracellular Organelles to Increase Production of Useful Chemicals by Confining Their Metabolic Pathways
02/08/2016ChurchGeorge M.New Real-Time Approach for Monitoring Chemical Production by Genetically Engineered Microbes
01/12/2016LyndLeeUsing Bacteria to Achieve High Solubilization of Biomass with Minimal Pretreatment
08/13/2015WestphelingJanetEnhancing a Microbe's Cellulolytic Ability for Biomass Deconstruction
10/27/2015FoxBrianMass Spectrometry Deduces Selectivity of Glycoside Hydrolases for Degrading Biomass Polysaccharides
02/05/2016BombleYannickNew Understanding of One of Nature’s Best Biocatalysts for Biofuels Production
04/11/2016 MukhopadhyayAindrilaA One-Pot Recipe for Making Jet Fuel
10/13/2015PakrasiHimadri B.Cyanobacterial Alkanes: Today’s Bacterial Antifreeze, Tomorrow’s Fuel
04/25/2016TimmCollinPoplar-Associated Bacterial Isolates Induce Additive Favorable Responses in a Constructed Plant-Microbiome System
05/06/2016Phillips Jr.George N.Characterizing the Structural Basis of Stereospecificity in Enzymatic Cleavage of Lignin Bonds
01/04/2016ManessPin–ChingIncreased Production of Bioplastics in Engineered Bacteria
01/07/2016OhlroggeJohn B. A Novel Lipid Pathway Makes Massive Quantity of Surface Wax on Bayberry Fruit
02/18/2016O’MalleyMichelle A.Biofuel Tech Straight from the Farm
10/14/2019Enabling Biomanufacturing Through Multiple Microbial Hosts
07/04/2017KeaslingJayEngineering Restricted Lignin and Enhanced Sugar Deposition in Secondary Cell Walls Enhances Monomeric Sugar Release
10/22/2015Novel Biological Wiring System Detected in a Methane-Consuming Microbial Symbiosis
09/22/2015Identifying Specific Preferences in Organic Compound Consumption by Desert Soil Microbes
10/10/2014Investigating Nitrogen Fixation in a Photosynthetic Microbial Community
09/04/2013CarlsonJohn E.Candidate Genes Involved in Lignin Degradation Found in Wood-Boring Beetle’s Mid Gut
05/02/2015DonohueTimothy J.Understanding and Enhancing Microbial Lipid Production for Biofuels
09/28/2012HsuChia-YenPolymeric Vesicles for Theranostic Applications
02/16/2013Understanding Enzymes that Help Convert Biomass to Biofuels
07/02/2012GunsalusRobertHow a Surface Protein Enables Metabolism of a Methane-Generating Microbe
03/23/2012GetzoffElizabethUnderstanding How Plants Sense Ultraviolet Light
06/23/2011WymelenbergAmber VandenWood Degrading Fungi Use Specialized Systems for Degrading Different Plant Types
03/06/2011LiaoJames C.Engineering Production of Biofuels From Proteins
01/28/2011HessMatthias"Mining" Cows for New Enzymes to Degrade Biomass
09/21/2010DeLongEdward F.Microbes Work Together to Process Dissolved Organic Carbon
09/01/2008Unique Database Provides Functional and Phylogenomic Information for Rice Glycosyltransferases
09/06/2018A Plant-Responsive Bacterial Signaling System Senses an Ethanolamine Derivative
12/20/2009Looking Inside Plant Cell Walls
07/09/2010Solving the Mystery of Metabolism in Clostridium acetobutylicum – an Important Biofuel Producer
05/03/2010Lower Viscosity Seed Oil has Potential as Direct-Use Biodiesel
10/13/2008ChivianDylan"Bold Traveler" Microbe Makes its Own Ecosystem Nearly Two Miles Underground
02/01/2008KeaslingJayNew Technique for Analysis of Metabolic Flux in Microbial Communities
04/21/2010StemmlerTimothyMechanism of Microbial Oxidation of Methane
09/27/2004DalyMichael"Conan the Bacterium's" Secrets Illuminated
06/25/2003SchmidtTracy Smith"Mail-in" Crystallography at Brookhaven National Laboratory Highlighted in Nature magazine
06/01/2006KeaslingJayAn Integrated Model of Microbial Stress Response
04/23/2015Using Metatranscriptomics to Understand Carbon Decomposition in Forest Soils
03/30/2015The Priming Effect: How Plant Root Exudates Make Soil Carbon More Susceptible to Microbial Degradation
01/21/2021Diversion of Lignin Precursor Reduces Content and Improves Biomass Saccharification Efficiency
03/10/2015Comparative Genomics Reveal Functional Diversification of the Methanogen Methanosarcina mazei
03/09/2015PiotrowskiJeff S.New Antifungal Agents from Lignocellulose Hydrolysate
11/12/2014Genomic Selection to Accelerate Switchgrass Breeding
12/16/2014GilnaPaulKey Transcription Factor in Plant Senescence Regulates Chlorophyll Degradation and Abscisic Acid Biosynthesis
01/01/2015Elucidating Control of Secondary Cell Wall Synthesis
05/22/2015Use of Co-Solvent Saves on Cost and Enzymes
10/22/2014McCalleyCarmodyMicrobial Community Dynamics Dominate Greenhouse Gas Production in Thawing Permafrost
09/29/2014Tracking the Evolution of a Methane-Producing Symbiosis in Real Time
08/06/2014Evolution of Substrate Specificity in Bacterial Lytic Polysaccharide Monooxygenases
10/31/2014LöfflerFrank E.Unraveling Nitrogen Cycling by Soil Microbes
10/21/2014Microbial Community Dynamics Impacting Methane Consumption in Freshwater Lakes
07/25/2014BanfieldJillianRole of Post-Translational Protein Modification in Community-Scale Processes
12/03/2013KalyuzhnayaM. G.New Metabolic Pathway Discovered in Methane-Consuming Bacteria
08/21/2013Unraveling Plant-Microbe Communication
06/22/2013How Amines Penetrate Cellulose Fibers and Make Cellulose Accessible for Bioconversion
07/14/2013Illuminating Biology’s Dark Matter
06/12/2013Algal Pan-Genome Fills Gap in Tree of Life
08/15/2013New Gene Discovery Clarifies Lignin Biosynthetic Pathway
08/28/2002AckermanEric J.Enzyme Activity Boosted by Entrapping in a Nanoporous Support
09/05/2002MukherjeeJogeshFallypride: PET Imaging Radiopharmaceutical Agent for Accurate Measurement of Dopamine Receptor Protein Concentration in the Living Human Brain
01/21/2010HugenholtzPhilipMining Compost for New Microbial Enzymes to Degrade Switchgrass
07/05/2017GrigorievIgorTiny Green Algae Reveal Large Genomic Variation
12/06/2016DeutschSamuelNew Software Tools Streamline DNA Sequence Design-and-Build Process
07/23/2013ReskiRalfPhyscomitrella Moss Genome Expected to Help In Understanding Potential Climate Change
01/03/2017RagauskasArthurModified Switchgrass: Success in Biofuel-Relevant Characteristics
09/12/2016SchillingJonathan S.The Brown Rot Two-Step
03/17/2017VogelJohnGrasses: The Secrets Behind Their Stomatal Success
06/05/2017AmasinoRichard M.Discovering the Genetic Timekeepers in Bioenergy Crops
07/17/2017SchmutzJeremyInsights into an Eukaryotic Alga that Lives by the Sea
01/16/2017StephanopoulosGregoryScientists Program Yeast to Turn Plant Sugars into Biodiesel
11/26/2013New Method for Identifying Genetic Regulatory Networks in Poplar
11/21/2016YangXiaohanA Big Step Forward in Designing Drought-Tolerant Bioenergy Crops
01/02/2014Understanding Mineral Transport in Switchgrass for Enhanced Sustainability
10/19/2017DeAngelisKristinBacteria Use Multiple Enzymes to Degrade Plant Biomass
11/16/2017WrightonKellyAerobic Wetlands Emit High Levels of Methane
06/02/2016BetenbaughMichael J.Unraveling the Complex Metabolism of a Potential Biofuels-Producing Green Alga
03/14/2017YangBinUnplugging the Cellulose Bottleneck
04/17/2017KeaslingJayBiosynthetic Pathway to Nylons
08/18/2016ChurchGeorge M.Advancing Toward Construction of a Bacterial Recoded Genome
05/20/2020JardineKolbyBreathing New Life into an Old Question: What Plants' Emissions Reveal about Their Cell Walls
11/26/2019FirestoneMary K.Soil Viruses: A Rich Reservoir of Diversity
12/12/2016GillRyanA New High-Throughput Genome Editing Technique to Generate Mutant Bacterial Strains
03/23/2017YangXiaohanSmall Proteins Secreted by Poplar Roots Form Communication Route with Associated Fungal Communities
03/15/2017DanglJeffery L.Phosphate Stress and Immunity Systems in Plants are Orchestrated by the Root Microbial Community
02/10/2017BusovVictorPoplar Gene Enhances Lateral Root Formation and Biomass Growth Under Drought Stress
11/08/2016OngRebecca GarlockConsequences of Drought Stress on Biofuel Production
07/05/2017DonohueTimothy J.Modifications to the Bacterial Cell Envelope Increase Lipid Production
06/19/2017EvansBarbaraIsotope Delivery in Lignin: Not an Easy Path
05/23/2019KatsarasJohnFirst Look at a Living Cell Membrane
11/29/2016McKinlayJamesA Synthetic Microbial Ecosystem Helps Understand the Behavior of Bacterial Communities
12/27/2016LidstromMaryMicrobial Community Interactions Drive Methane Consumption in Lakes
10/26/2016LoquéDominiqueNew System for Introducing Genetic Pathways into Plants, Making Them More Productive
06/22/2017KerfeldCheryl A.First Snapshot of a Bacterial Microcompartment’s Protein Shell
05/30/2017O’MalleyMichelle A.Unlocking the Potential of Fungal Enzymes to Break Down Plant Cell Walls
05/08/2017GrigorievIgor V.Fungi: Gene Activator Role Discovered
04/18/2017SchmutzJeremyA Gene that Influences Grain Yields in Grasses
04/06/2017WoykeTanjaTracking Genome Expansion in Giant Viruses
11/29/2016KyrpidesNikosDatabase of DNA Viruses and Retroviruses Debuts on Integrated Microbial Genomes Platform
07/15/2016DinnenyJoséGrasses Fight Drought by Squelching Root Growth
08/02/2016HarwoodCarolineLuxR Homolog in a Cottonwood Tree Endophyte Activates Gene Expression in Response to Plant Signal or Specific Peptides
02/15/2020FuchsBernhard M.Targeting Microbial Needles in a Community Haystack
06/11/2019JanssonJanetDroughts Spell Changes for Soil Microbes
06/17/2019HungateBruceMicrobial Evolution: Nature Leads, Nurture Supports
06/18/2019ComaiLucaHow Many Copies Does It Take to Change a Trait?
07/06/2020DunbarJohnThe Traits of Microbes Matter in Microbial Carbon Cycling and Storage
04/16/2020MoranJimDigging into the Roots of Phosphorus Availability
05/06/2019SullivanMatthewA Viral Gold Rush
01/06/2018Novel Gene Targets Discovered for Improving Heterologous Enzyme Production in Aspergillus Niger
02/26/2019MukhopadhyayAindrilaMicrobes Retain Toxicity Tolerance After They Escape Toxic Elements
05/15/2019PeayKabir GabrielTrees Consider the Climate When Choosing Their Partners
05/14/2019ZegeyeEliasSimplifying Microbial Consortia Opens a Path to Understanding Soil Community Ecology
04/23/2015ChundawatShishirLoosen Up Cell Walls and Get the Sugars Out
03/09/2015FoxBrian G.Most Complete Functional Map of an Entire Enzyme Family
04/24/2013TainerJohn A.Small-Angle Scattering of Proteins and Nucleic Acids
08/13/2018DunbarJohnMicrobes are Metabolic Specialists
05/01/2019HofmockelKirstenCultivating an Understanding of Microbial Diversity
02/02/2019RothMelissaDiscovering an Internal Metabolic Switch in Algae
01/27/2013RadivojacPredragEvaluating Methods for Predicting Protein Functions
07/18/2018MayaliXavierCommunity Matters When Using Algae to Produce Energy
01/02/2018NorthenTrentMicrobes Eat the Same in Labs and the Desert
02/12/2018MohnenDebraRewriting Resistance: Genetic Changes Increase Crops’ Biomass and Sugar Release
10/10/2017PalssonBernhardThe Secret Lives of Cells
04/16/2019RothMelissaFeeding Sugars to Algae Makes Them Fat
01/30/2019LiaoHui-LingFungus Fuels Tree Growth
05/28/2018CannonWilliamNew Method Helps Predict Metabolite Concentrations, Rate Constants, and Enzyme Regulation Within Cells
11/27/2017SarathGautamSeasonal Below-Ground Metabolism in Switchgrass
05/07/2018ZhaoHuiminNew Method Knocks Out Yeast Genes with Single-Point Precision
09/17/2018WilkersonCurtis GeneHow Plants Regulate Sugar Deposition in Cell Walls
10/08/2018HittingerChris ToddScientists Identify Gene Cluster in Budding Yeasts with Major Implications for Renewable Energy
07/25/2018OngRebecca G.Diverse Biofeedstocks Have High Ethanol Yields and Offer Biorefineries Flexibility
06/13/2018BanfieldJillianNovel Soil Bacteria with Unusual Genes Synthesize Unique Antibiotic Precursors
01/27/2018BrandizziFedericaLocating the Production Site of Glucan in Grass Cell Walls
05/05/2018JacobsonDanielComplex Networks Identify Genes for Biofuel Crops
01/09/2018KeaslingJayRenewable Solvents Derived From Lignin Lower Waste in Biofuel Production
12/01/2017JacobsonDanielA Novel Method for Comparing Plant Genes
12/18/2017DanglJeffA Functional Genomics Database for Plant Microbiome Studies
07/16/2018SullivanMatthew B.Getting To Know the Microbes that Drive Climate Change
02/22/2022ZhouJizhongWarming Soil Means Stronger Microbe Networks
03/03/2021CoatesJohn D.Microbes Use Ancient Metabolism to Cycle Phosphorus
01/27/2021ChappleClintLabeling the Thale Cress Metabolites
04/27/2021Burnum-JohnsonKristinMolecular Connections from Plants to Fungi to Ants
03/06/2014ChappleClintMediating Biofuel Complexity through “Mediator” Modification
10/01/2016DeBruynJenniferModified Switchgrass Has No Negative Effect on Soils
01/12/2018PiotrowskiJeffEngineering Yeast Tolerance to a Promising Biomass Deconstruction Solvent
07/04/2017KeaslingJayDesigner Yeast Consumes Plant Matter and Spits Out Fatty Alcohols for Detergents and Biofuels
06/26/2017EckerJoseph R. A Novel High-throughput Technology Allows the Identification of Thousands of New Pairs of Interacting Proteins in Plants
04/04/2019HofmockelKirstenTesting the Toughness of Microbial Cell Walls
04/16/2018Coleman-DerrDevinUnder Drought Conditions, Monoderm Bacteria Help Sorghum Continue Growing
12/19/2019 ZhaoHuiminA MAGIC Approach to Understanding the Genetic Basis of Complex Biological Functions
12/19/2018BakerDavidBreaking Through Computational Barriers to Create Designer Proteins
06/11/2019SongHyun-SeobPredicting How Microbial Neighbors Influence Each Other
01/04/2019LeeTaek SoonRedirecting Metabolic Flux in E. Coli via Combinatorial CRISPRi-Mediated Repression for Isopentenol Production
10/05/2018AdamsMichael W. W.Molybdenum Limits Microbes' Ability to Remove Harmful Nitrate from Soil
05/05/2020WannierTimothyNew Technique Helps Solve a Long-Standing Obstacle for Microbial Genetic Engineering
10/07/2019ZúñigaCristalCooperative Microorganisms Get Competitive