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2024 Abstracts

Single-Cell and Spatial Regulatory Map of Poplar


Ziliang Luo* ([email protected]), Sohyun Bang, Ankush Sangra, Kevin Sun, Robert J. Schmitz, Carol Buell


Department of Genetics, University of Georgia


Understanding the intricate regulatory mechanisms governing gene expression in plants is important for precise and efficient crop engineering. In this project, researchers present a comprehensive study aiming to construct a cell atlas elucidating the cisregulatory elements (CREs) and the spatial-gene expression network in poplar (Populus sp.)

Leveraging single-cell assay for transposase-accessible chromatin sequencing (scATAC-seq), researchers dissect chromatin accessibility at the single-cell level to identify CREs related to important poplar traits. The team also applied spatial transcriptomics (spRNA-seq) on various poplar tissues to unravel gene expression patterns in a spatial and temporal context. The resulting single-cell and spatial regulatory atlas will provide essential knowledge for re-engineering poplar as a multipurpose crop that can be used for bioenergy, biomaterial, and bioproduct production.