BER Enabling Capabilities

Support the development of computational and instrumental platforms to enable broader integration and analysis of large-scale complex data within BER’s multidisciplinary research efforts.

Data and Analysis Ecosystem.

Data and Analysis Ecosystem. BER researchers and facilities produce a wealth of data for predictively understanding complex biological systems. To fully leverage this data, BSSD is supporting integrative computational and data science platforms to facilitate community access, analysis, and sharing of omics, imaging, and other data types. [Courtesy Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory]

Genomic Science Program (GSP) science is increasingly multidisciplinary, quantitative, and data-centric. As the program progresses toward gaining a predictive understanding of biology for a host of DOE mission objectives, a continuing and growing challenge is how to make effective use of the corresponding large, multidisciplinary datasets to spur scientific discovery and design. Nowhere is this challenge more evident than in the sheer volume of genomic and other omics data produced every year within the portfolio and the larger biological research community. New breakthroughs in imaging and analytical technologies also add to an overwhelming flood of data potentially available to the scientific community. BER thus seeks to create computational platforms that facilitate accessing, integrating, analyzing, and sharing results from large-scale, integrated omics, instrumental, and imaging datasets.

Enabling capabilities include