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Genomics:GTL 2008 Strategic Plan

GenomicsGTL 2008 Strategic Plan



The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) missions in energy security, climate protection, and environ­ mental remediation have an enduring need for breakthrough technologies that require and facilitate expanding the frontiers of science. DOE’s mission chal­ lenges for which biology can provide solutions include:

  • Developing biofuels as a major secure national energy resource.
  • Understanding relationships between climate change and Earth’s ocean and terrestrial ecosystems and assessing options for biosequestration of carbon in these systems.
  • Developing biological solutions for intractable environmental remediation problems.

Genomics:GTL* (GTL) is a fundamental research program that aims to develop a predictive understanding of biological systems rel­evant to mission challenges (see figure at right). By reveal­ing the genetic blueprint and fundamental principles that control biological systems, GTL will enable scientists to understand and use diverse biological capabilities to meet DOE and national needs.

Just as DOE’s mission to understand health impacts of energy inspired the Human Genome Project (HGP), GTL’s systems approach to understanding biology is inspired by DOE missions in energy, climate, and environment. The HGP opened the door for improvements in human health, and GTL has become a gateway for biotechnological solutions to DOE mission challenges, stimulating upcoming genera­tions of industrial biotechnol­ogy.

*Formerly Genomes to Life