Genomic Science Program
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Genomics:GTL Awardee Workshop V and Metabolic Engineering Working Group Interagency Conference on Metabolic Engineering 2007 and USDA-DOE Plant Feedstock Genomics for Bioenergy Awardee Workshop 2007


Genomics-GTL Awardee Workshop V

Bethesda, Maryland
February 11–14, 2007


The Genomics:GTL Program abstracts and posters are organized according to the Milestones set forth in the 2005 GTL Roadmap and as shown below. Some of the research projects are pilots or proof-of-principle studies for systems biology, technology and methods development, and computing.

Abstracts associated with the Metabolic Engineering Working Group (MEWG) are identified as such and intermixed with GTL abstracts in relevant categories.

Abstracts from the Plant Feedstock Genomics Joint Program (PFGJG) are in their own subsection beginning on page 201. Genomics:GTL Overarching Scientific Goal

Achieve a predictive, systems-level understanding of biological systems to help enable biobased solutions to DOE mission challenges.