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Research Summaries: Genomic Science Annual PI Meeting, February 2022

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Abstract Book provided by Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU)


Lead PIAbstract Poster TitlePresenterPI OrganizationResearch Area
AdamsLinking Community Composition and Resource Utilizationde RaadLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryEnvironmental Microbiology
ZhaoMulti-omic investigation of lipid accumulation mechanisms in R. toruloidesDeewanUniversity of Illinois - Urbana-ChampaignMicrobial Biosystems Design
ArkinKBase: A case study illustrating the derivation and testing of mechanistic connections between geochemistry and the microbiomeDehalLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryEnvironmental Microbiology
SemrauStructural and redox requirements for dioxygen generation coupled to metal reduction by methanobactins: implications for greenhouse gas emissionsDershwitzUniversity of Michigan - Ann ArborEnvironmental Microbiology
GilbertDoes Predation by Protists Mediate the Effects of Temperature and Nutrient Additions on Microbial Food Webs?DeWittDuke UniversityEnvironmental Microbiology
TyoHigh-throughput Screening for Caboligase Activity in ThDP-dependent EnzymesDinhNorthwestern UniversityMetabolic Engineering
BaxterAdvanced Phenomic Approaches to Improving Water-Use Efficiency in Bioenergy GrassesDinnenyDonald Danforth Plant Science CenterPlant Biosystems Design
LeakeyAutomated high-throughput genome editing of TAG-related genes in plantsDongUniversity of Illinois - Urbana-ChampaignPlant Feedstock
DotyElucidation of the Roles of Diazotrophic Endophyte Communities in Promoting Productivity and Resilience of Populus through Systems Biology ApproachesDotyUniversity of WashingtonPlant-Microbe Interactions
DocktyczPlant-Microbe Interfaces: Temporal dynamics of the Populus microbiome across scalesDoveOak Ridge National LaboratoryMicrobiome
ArkinHow KBase Supports EducationDowLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryComputational Biology
NorthenSpatio-temporal genome-scale metabolic modeling of the rhizosphere microbiomeDukovskiLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryMicrobial Biosystems Design
MillerScalable Computational Tools For Inference Of Protein Annotation And Metabolic Models In Microbial CommunitiesEdirisingheOtherComputational Biology
EgbertCatabolism of Methyl-3-(4-hydroxyphenyl)propionate (MHPP), a Model Substrate for Metabolic Addiction with Unexpected Implications for p-Coumaric Acid Catabolism in Pseudomonas flourescensElmorePacific Northwest National LaboratoryMicrobial Biosystems Design
EmersonEvidence for Active, Dynamic Viral Communities in Wet Soils across HabitatsEmersonUniversity of California - DavisEnvironmental Microbiology
AdamsInvestigating Microbial Ecophysiology of Aerobic and Anaerobic Microbes Through the ENIGMA Environmental AtlasEnallsLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryEnvironmental Microbiology
DonohueGenome-scale CRISPRi Enables Functional Annotation of the Zymomomas mobilis GenomeEnrightUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonMicrobial Physiology
MartienssenBiological Design of Lemnaceae Aquatic Plants for Biodiesel ProductionErnstCold Spring Harbor Laboratory/HMMIPlant Genomic Research
CoatesThe Global Prevalence and Biogeochemical Impact of Ancient Phosphorus-Oxidizing BacteriaEwensUniversity of California, BerkeleyEnvironmental Microbiology
TuskanDynamic Control of Aromatic Catabolism, In Situ Efflux Pump Engineering, and High-Throughput Functional Genomics in P. putdia KT2440 Enabled by CRISPR-Cas9FensterOak Ridge National LaboratoryTechnology Development
AllisonLitter Microbial Trait-Based Strategies in Response to DroughtFinleyUniversity of California - IrvineEnvironmental Microbiology
WhitmanA mechanistic approach to parsing pyrophilous lifestyles of fungal and bacterial isolatesFischerUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonEnvironmental Microbiology
EgbertSimplified Microbial Communities Provide Diverse Complementation Potential for Genome-reduced MicroorganismsFonseca-GarciaPacific Northwest National LaboratoryMicrobial Biosystems Design
FoxAdditions to the BAHD Acyltransferase ToolboxFoxUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonPlant Genomic Research
DocktyczPlant-Microbe Interfaces: Plant mechanisms shaping poplar root microbiotaFracchiaOak Ridge National LaboratoryPlant-Microbe Interactions
GauthierOptimizing enzymes for plastic upcycling using machine learning design and high throughput experimentsFramDana-Farber Cancer Inst.Deconstruction
LeakeyCell-type specific analysis reveals the spatial and temporal transcriptome of the Sorghum bicolor stemFuUniversity of Illinois - Urbana-ChampaignPlant Feedstock
GillEnhancement of the Random Barcode Transposon Sequencing Applications within KBaseGal-OzUniversity of Colorado - BoulderTechnology Development
SkolnickGenome-scale structural prediction of protein sequences and complexes with deep learningGaoGeorgia Tech Research Corporation, AtlantaComputational Biology
KeaslingUnderstand the Nanoarchitecture of Native and Engineered Plant Cell Wall via Multi-dimensional Solid-state NMRGaoLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryPlant Feedstock
KeaslingEngineering and optimization of lignin catabolic pathways in Rhodosporidium toruloidesGarciaLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryDeconstruction
DonohueEconomic and Environmental Analysis of Bioenergy with Carbon Capture and Sequestration (BECCS) SystemsGeisslerUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonSustainability
AdamsCharacterization of a Nitrate-Respiring, Multi-Metal-Resistant Bacillus Species Highly Abundant in Heavily Contaminated ORR FRC SubsurfaceGoffLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryEnvironmental Microbiology
LeakeyImpact of Sugarcane Cultivation on C and H2O Fluxes in Southeastern United States following Conversion from Grazed PasturesGomez-CasanovasUniversity of Illinois - Urbana-ChampaignBiogeochemistry
EvelandPhytoOracle: Modular, Scalable Phenomic Data Processing PipelinesGonzalezDonald Danforth Plant Science CenterPlant Genomic Research
SedbrookRoot adaptive responses for improvement of abiotic stress tolerance in PennycressGriffithsIllinois State UniversityPlant Genomic Research
YeatesMetabolism in Microbial Communities and the Associated Biochemistry of Polymer DeconstructionGunsalusUniversity of California - Los AngelesEnvironmental Microbiology
OrphanTranscriptional regulation of lipid metabolism in Camelina sativaGuptaMichigan State UniversityPlant Biosystems Design
SchnellUnderstanding Syntrophies within Methane Oxidizing Microbial Consortia: integrating Genome Scale Metabolic Models and Reactive TransportGuptaCalifornia Institute of TechnologyEnvironmental Microbiology
TagaImpact of Corrinoids on Soil Community Assembly in a Grassland SoilHallbergUniversity of California - BerkeleyEnvironmental Microbiology
JiaoCharacterization of Toxins and Their Cognate Inactivators as Kill Switch Actuators in Plant-Beneficial Pseudomonas fluorescensHalvorsenLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryMicrobial Biosystems Design
EgbertSpatially-resolved Multi-omics Analyses Reveal Key Taxa Responding to Root Depth in the Sorghum RhizosphereHandakumburaPacific Northwest National LaboratoryPlant-Microbe Interactions
ChainDevelopment of a model root-associated microbial consortia to investigate the roles of bacterial-fungal-plant interactions in the heat- and drought-tolerant grass Bouteloua gracilis (blue grama)HansonLos Alamos National LaboratoryMicrobiome
ArkinKBase: Significant Improvements to the DOE Systems Biology Knowledgebase in 2021HenryLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryComputational Biology
StuartMycorrhizal Fungi Mediate Plant and Bacterial Response to Water Limitation in a Marginal SoilHestrinLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryPlant-Microbe Interactions
HofmockelDistribution of soil microbial necromass accumulation controlled by microbe-mineral interactionsHofmockelPacific Northwest National LaboratoryBiogeochemistry
SolomonDeveloping anaerobic fungal tools for efficient upgrading of lignocellulsic feedstocksHookerUniversity of DelawareMicrobial Biosystems Design
GillGenome-Scale CRISPRi in the Rapidly Growing Cyanobacterium Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002HrenUniversity of Colorado - BoulderMicrobial Biosystems Design
LeakeyLeveraging Population Genomics Analysis of Issatchenkia orientalis for Engineering a Better Strain for the Production of Lignocellulosic-biomass-based BioproductsHsiehUniversity of Illinois - Urbana-ChampaignDeconstruction
JiaoLearning Protein Fitness Models from Evolutionary and Experimental DataHsuLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryComputational Biology
NiyogiMetabolite Excretion and Metabolic Flux Analysis in Chromochloris zofingiensis, an Emerging Model Green Alga for Sustainable Fuel ProductionHuUniversity of California - BerkeleyMicrobial Biosystems Design
Eloe-FadroshStandardized Workflows for Microbiome Omics Data AnalysisHuLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryMicrobiome
ZenglerExperimental Approaches to Understand Rhizosphere Processes for Improved Bioenergy Crop ProductivityHuUniversity of California - San DiegoPlant-Microbe Interactions
MaedaDevelopment and usage of atomic mapping for estimation of nitrogen fluxes in plant metabolic networksHussUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonPlant Genomic Research
KeaslingA media optimization pipeline for improving TRY with machine learningInchaLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryComputational Biology
SedbrookTolerance to Heat Stress in Natural Variants and CRISPR Gene-Edited High Oleic Acid Lines of the Oilseed Plant Pennycress (Thlaspi arvense).JaikumarIllinois State UniversitySustainability
JarboeNovel Systems Approach for Rational Engineering of Robust Microbial Metabolic PathwaysJarboeIowa State UniversityMetabolic Engineering
JardineThe Scent of Senescence: Cell Wall Ester Modifications and Volatile Emission Signatures of Plant Responses to Abiotic StressJardineLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryPlant Genomic Research
NiyogiMineral Nutrition and Energy Pathways Regulate Lipid Accumulation and PhotosynthesisJeffersUniversity of California - BerkeleyMicrobial Biosystems Design
WinklerN2O Formation and Organic Nitrogen Utilization in Wetland Microbial CommunitiesJohnstonUniversity of WashingtonEnvironmental Microbiology
DocktyczPlant-Microbe Interfaces: Network integration uncovers gene-targets involved in plant- microbial interactionsJonesOak Ridge National LaboratoryComputational Biology
LeakeyA New Bioenergy Model that Simulates the Impacts of Plant-Microbial Interactions, Soil Carbon Protection, and Mechanistic Tillage on Soil Carbon CyclingJuiceUniversity of Illinois - Urbana-ChampaignBiogeochemistry
ChainBacterial Communities in Association to Specific Tissues in Wild MorelsJunierLos Alamos National LaboratoryMicrobiome
TuskanRapid domestication of poplar using genomic selection and P. trichocarpa X P.deltoides hybridsKainerOak Ridge National LaboratoryPlant Feedstock
LongImproving Energycane by Metabolic Engineering for Hyperaccumulation of Lipids and RNAi Suppression of FloweringKannanUniversity of Illinois - Urbana-ChampaignPlant Biosystems Design
Pett-RidgeMicrobes Persist: Towards Quantitative Theory-Based Predictions of Soil Microbial Fitness, Interaction and Function in KBaseKaraozLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryComputational Biology
RheeSystematic Identification of Subcellular Location of Sorghum Metabolic EnzymesKariaCarnegie Institution for SciencePlant Genomic Research
AllenCRISPR interference (CRISPRi) for Dynamic Regulation of Gene Expression in DiatomsKassawJ. Craig Venter InstituteMicrobial Biosystems Design
KirstTwo Shifts in Evolutionary Lability Explain Many Independent Origins of Nitrogen-Fixing Nodulation Symbiosis in A Single Clade of The Plant Tree of LifeKatesUniversity of FloridaPlant Biosystems Design
StephanopoulosImproving Bioprocess Robustness by Cellular Noise EngineeringKatsimpourasMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyMetabolic Engineering
BaxterImprovement of Sorghum Transformation and Genome Editing for the Development of Stable Lines for the Analysis of Photosynthetic and Water Use EfficienciesKauschDonald Danforth Plant Science CenterPlant Biosystems Design
NorthenEvaluating Plant-Microbe Interactions, Persistence and Movement of Microbial Communities Across ScalesKhasanovaLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryPlant-Microbe Interactions
StuartMicroscale Characterization Tools for Algal-Bacterial Interactions and Cell SinkingKimLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryMicrobiome
DonohueMultiple-approaches to engineer mixed-linkage glucan in sorghumKimUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonPlant Feedstock
KirstSingle-cell discovery of nodulation regulators in Medicago and evaluation of the functional role of homologs in PopulusKirstUniversity of FloridaPlant Biosystems Design
KirstDynamic change in chromatin accessibility predicts regulators of nodulation in Medicago truncatulaKnaackUniversity of FloridaComputational Biology
LeakeyInvestigation of xylose metabolism in Rhodosporidium toruloides using a modular cloning kit (RT-EZ)KohUniversity of Illinois - Urbana-ChampaignMetabolic Engineering
MaedaComprehensive Characterization of Multi-Substrate Specificity of Aminotransferase Family EnzymesKoperUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonPlant Genomic Research
DunbarMicrobially-Drive Carbon Flow Persists During Surface Litter DecompositionKroegerLos Alamos National LaboratoryEnvironmental Microbiology
TuskanDiscovery, characterization, and metabolic engineering of Rieske non-heme iron monooxygenases for guaiacol O-demethylationKuatsjahOak Ridge National LaboratoryLignin Valorization
DonohueBuilding a Molecular Understanding of Biomass DeconstructionKuchUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonDeconstruction
HungateSynThetic BiolOgy Driven Approach to Repurpose PolyaMides (STORM)KucharzykBattelle Memorial InstMicrobial Biosystems Design
JarboeMutations for Improved Enzyme Functionality at High Temperatures and Low pHKumarIowa State UniversityComputational Biology
ZenglerMetabolic modeling of a rhizosphere microbial communityKumarUniversity of California - San DiegoPlant-Microbe Interactions
ChurchA rapid biosensor engineering platform by translatable fluorogenic amino acidsKuruHarvard UniversityTechnology Development
LuGermination and Seed Size Variability in CamelinaLachowiecMontana State UniversityPlant Genomic Research
TuskanEmploying rapid, accurate, high-precision phenotyping in poplar, switchgrass, and bacteriaLagergrenOak Ridge National LaboratoryComputational Biology
ZenglerReconstruction of a genome-scale community metabolic model of a microbial co-culture to enable next generation biochemical productionLastiri-PancardoUniversity of California - San DiegoMicrobial Biosystems Design
DocktyczPlant-Microbe Interfaces: A high-throughput bioassay to investigate bacterial-provided benefits to heat stressLeeOak Ridge National LaboratoryPlant-Microbe Interactions
GuarnieriIMAGINE BioSecurity: Biocontainment Efficacy of Toxin-Antitoxin Cassettes in Laboratory and Industrial S. CerevisiaeLiNational Renewable Energy LaboratoryMicrobial Biosystems Design
JewettRapid Prototyping for Development of A Novel Gas-to-1,3-Butanediol BioprocessLiewNorthwestern UniversityMetabolic Engineering
KeaslingMultifaceted Adaptive Laboratory Evolution Approaches for Improving Host PhenotypesLimLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryMetabolic Engineering
LuUnderstanding Nitrogen Use Efficiency and Oilseed Traits in Camelina by High Resolution Genome Sequencing and Whole-genome ResequencingLimMontana State UniversitySustainability
LinDeveloping, Understanding, and Harnessing Modular Carbon/Nitrogen-Fixing Tripartite Microbial Consortia for Versatile Production of Biofuel and Platform ChemicalsLinUniversity of Michigan - Ann ArborMicrobial Biosystems Design
NorthenA rapid Brachypodium distachyon transformation method using leaf whorl explantsLinLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryPlant Biosystems Design
JamannNovel quantitative trait loci for leaf blight resistance in sorghum aids in understanding ofLippsUniversity of Illinois - Urbana-ChampaignPlant Feedstock
HofmockelProfiling of the Microbiome Metabolic Response to Soil RewettingLiptonPacific Northwest National LaboratoryMicrobiome
AbrahamDeveloping detection and countermeasure tools for CRISPR-based genome engineering tools in plantsLiuOak Ridge National LaboratoryPlant Biosystems Design
BlabyCryo-EM Structure of a Zinc Uptake Transporter in the Closed StateLiuBrookhaven National LaboratoryPlant Genomic Research
ChainComparative Genomics of Intracellular Mollicutes-related Bacterial Endosymbionts of FungiLongleyLos Alamos National LaboratoryEnvironmental Microbiology
JuengerExploring Switchgrass Genetic Diversity with Multiple Reference GenomesLovellUniversity of Texas - AustinSustainability
AdamsENIGMA Long Read Sequencing and Assembly for Microbial Genomes: Current Capabilities and Future for Metagenomics and KBase Integration for AssemblyLuiLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryComputational Biology
ChappleIdentification of novel tryptophan-derived metabolites and associated genes of Arabidopsis by integrating PODIUM and mGWASLuoPurdue UniversityPlant Genomic Research
SchoenigerPhage Factory: Creating a phage for any bacterial speciesMageeneySandia National LaboratoryMicrobial Biosystems Design
LongBridging the Gap between Academic and Commercial Biofuel Production: Pilot-scale Processing of Transgenic Energycane for Lipid and Sugar RecoveryMaitraUniversity of Illinois - Urbana-ChampaignPlant Biosystems Design
AntonopoulosGuiding Data-Driven Integrative Design of Secure Biological Systems with Artificial Intelligence TechniquesMannArgonne National LaboratoryMicrobial Biosystems Design
Pett-RidgeTrait-based modeling approach to carbon use efficiencyMarschmannLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryEnvironmental Microbiology
RanjanDesign and -omics exploration of synthetic communitiesMarshOak Ridge National LaboratoryComputational Biology
JewettDynamic Kinetic Models Capture Cell-Free Metabolism for Improved Metabolic EngineeringMartinNorthwestern UniversityComputational Biology
MarxConverting Methoxy Groups on Lignin-Derived Aromatics from a Toxic Hurdle to a Useful Resource: A Systems-Driven ApproachMarxUniversity of IdahoMetabolic Engineering
HofmockelCoordination of species roles during chitin decomposition in a model soil microbial consortiumMcClurePacific Northwest National LaboratoryMicrobiome
EgbertDiscovery of Bacterial Species and Molecular Mechanisms Driving Growth on the Plant Root Metabolite SorgoleoneMcClurePacific Northwest National LaboratoryMicrobial Biosystems Design
DonohueRole of the Phyllosphere microbiome in Sorghum ResilienceMechan LlontopUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonMicrobiome
BoyleAgent-Based Modeling of Algae Reveals Impact of Self-Shading on MetabolismMetcalfColorado School of MinesComputational Biology
DocktyczPlant-Microbe Interfaces: Determining the rate and consequences of horizontal gene transfer in the rhizosphere by simulating lateral spread of salicylate catabolism genesMichenerOak Ridge National LaboratoryMicrobial Biosystems Design
Tullman-ErcekEmploying Bacterial Microcompartments To Create Privileged Redox Pools for Biofuel ProductionMillsNorthwestern UniversityMetabolic Engineering
BaxterLeveraging multi-omics data and pan-genomic sequence variation in Setaria viridis and Sorghum bicolor for candidate gene discovery and nomination for crop improvement.MocklerDonald Danforth Plant Science CenterPlant Biosystems Design
SolomonPlastic degradation and upcycling by the gut microbiome of yellow mealwormsMonteiroUniversity of DelawareMicrobial Biosystems Design
MoonEngineering novel microbes for upcycling waste plastic and solving climate crisisMoonWashington University in St. LouisMicrobial Biosystems Design
AbrahamIntroductions of plant growth promoting bacterial strains differentially modify growth and health of Populus biofeedstocksMooreOak Ridge National LaboratoryMicrobiome
ChainAdvanced Fluorescence Microscopy Techniques to Measure Bacterial:Fungal InteractionsMoralesLos Alamos National LaboratoryTechnology Development
MoranSpatial plasticity in plant-microbe interactions in response to applied nutrient heterogeneity in soilMoranPacific Northwest National LaboratoryPlant-Microbe Interactions
PeterEnhanced Resistance Pines for Improved Renewable Biofuel and Chemical ProductionMorganUniversity of FloridaPlant Feedstock
DocktyczPlant-Microbe Interfaces: Investigating how interactions and local environments in the rhizosphere influence microbial responses and behaviorMorrell-FalveyOak Ridge National LaboratoryPlant-Microbe Interactions
StuartA novel algicidal bacterium threatens diatom productivity and incorporates algal-derived carbon and nitrogenMorrisLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryMicrobiome
NiyogiSynthetic Biology in Oleaginous Green AlgaeMoseleyUniversity of California - BerkeleyPlant Biosystems Design
DocktyczPlant-Microbe Interfaces: Modulation of microbial community dynamics by contrasting regulation of salicylic acid and jasmomic acid-ethylene signaling pathwaysMucheroOak Ridge National LaboratoryMicrobial Physiology
Tullman-ErcekEngineering bacterial microcompartments in Clostridium autoethanogenum to overcome bottlenecks in sustainable production of synthetic rubberMuellerNorthwestern UniversityMetabolic Engineering
AdamsMobile Genetic Elements In The ORFRC: Native Plasmids And Viral GenomesMukhopadhyayLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryEnvironmental Microbiology
HofmockelThree Feet Deep: Abiotic and Biotic Drivers of Organic and Mineral Soil Carbon CyclingNaaskoPacific Northwest National LaboratoryMicrobiome
JuengerA Generalist-Specialist Tradeoff between Switchgrass Cytotypes Impacts Climate Adaptation and Geographic RangeNapierUniversity of Texas - AustinPlant Genomic Research
DocktyczPlant-microbe interfaces: Interrogating poplar fungal microbiome interactions using meta- transcriptomics and constructed communitiesNashOak Ridge National LaboratoryMicrobiome
StuartSystem-Level Analysis of Metabolism in a Novel Algicidal BacteriumNavidLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryComputational Biology
JewettUnearthing Enzyme Promiscuity with Cheminformatics to Design Biosynthetic Pathways Towards Novel BiomoleculesNiNorthwestern UniversityComputational Biology
DavisonApplying new models to describe biomembrane structure and solvent partitioning in living cell membranes and membrane mimicsNickelsOak Ridge National LaboratoryDeconstruction
AlexanderOptimal Experimental Design (OED) of Biological SystemsNiuBrookhaven National LaboratoryMetabolic Engineering
AbrahamExplainable-AI driven feature engineering of CRISPR-Cas9 sgRNA efficiency leads to quantum biological insights into genome editingNoshayOak Ridge National LaboratoryComputational Biology
NuccioCrosstalk: Interkingdom interactions in the mycorrhizal hyphosphere and ramifications for soil C cyclingNuccioLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryPlant-Microbe Interactions
ChurchConstruction of a Synthetic 57-Codon E. coli Chromosome and Tools for Microbial Genome-Scale RecodingNyergesHarvard UniversityMicrobial Biosystems Design
DinnenyMining Innovative Strategies for Stress-resilient Growth in Extremophyte Relatives of Brassicaceae Oil CropsOhStanford UniversityPlant Genomic Research
WrightonGenomes to Ecosystem Function: Targeting Critical Knowledge Gaps in Soil Methanogenesis and Translation to Updated Global Biogeochemical ModelsOliverioColorado State UniversityMicrobiome
KeaslingLigCHIP Technology for Bond-Specific Analysis of Lignocellulose Deconstructing EnzymesOnleyLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryTechnology Development
DonohueCan Perennial Bioenergy Cropping Systems Promote Negative N2O Fluxes?OzluMichigan State UniversitySustainability
Solis-LemusIdentifying microbial drivers in biological phenotypes with a Bayesian Network Regression modelOzminkowskiUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonComputational Biology
BlabyTime-series analysis of phenotypic and transcriptomic responses to nutrient stress in two bioenergy cropsPaapeBrookhaven National LaboratoryPlant Genomic Research
AbrahamUnderstanding the role of the Plasminogen-Apple-Nematode domain in host-plant invasion by pathogens.PalOak Ridge National LaboratoryPlant-Microbe Interactions
KeaslingMicrobiomes that metabolize lignin fragments obtained by chemical pretreatment of biomassParkLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryLignin Valorization
LeakeyMetabolic Engineering of Triacylglycerols in Vegetative Tissues of SorghumParkUniversity of Illinois - Urbana-ChampaignPlant Feedstock
DonohueEffects of Chloramphenicol Treatment on Cellular Storage Granules and Membrane Structures in Rhodobacter sphaeroidesParrellUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonMicrobial Physiology
SchoenigerDesign, delivery and expression of synthetic genetic elements in diverse microorganismsPatelSandia National LaboratoryMicrobial Biosystems Design
SchnellThe impact of LIP36 seed-specific expression on seed and oil yields in Camelina sativa and its associated transcriptome and metabolome changesAbdullahMichigan State UniversityMetabolic Engineering
LloydTen Pseudomonas spp. from Svalbard Active Layer are using amino acids for energyPaulUniversity of TennesseeBiogeochemistry
TuskanModeling and NMR approaches to probe spatial arrangements in biomass: Towards better and more predictive models of plant cell wall structuresAddisonOak Ridge National LaboratoryDeconstruction
SemrauMicrobial competition for copper can enhance greenhouse gas emissionsPengUniversity of Michigan - Ann ArborEnvironmental Microbiology
MichenerSystems metabolic engineering of Novosphingobium aromaticivorans for lignin valorizationAllemannOak Ridge National LaboratoryLignin Valorization
DonohueEngineering Novosphingobium aromaticivorans to Stoichiometrically Convert S-type Aromatics into PDCPerezUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonMetabolic Engineering
AllenGenome-wide mapping of cis-regulatory elements and regulation of nitrate assimilation in Phaeodactylum tricornutumAllenJ. Craig Venter InstituteMicrobial Biosystems Design
LeakeyUsing Cross-Scale Data to Constrain an Agro-Ecosystem Model to Produce Estimates of Miscanthus Production at a Field-ScalePetersenUniversity of Illinois - Urbana-ChampaignSustainability
AdamsBiofilm Distribution in a Porous Medium Reactor Simulating Shallow Subsurface ConditionsAltenburgLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryEnvironmental Microbiology
KeaslingIntegrated chemical and biological catalysis for the valorization of ionic liquid-based biorefinery ligninPhamLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryDeconstruction
TagaCorrinoids, a Class of Model Metabolites, Differentially Impact Isolation of Soil BacteriaAlvarez-AponteUniversity of California - BerkeleyEnvironmental Microbiology
OrphanCharacterization of viral assemblages in methane-saturated sediments and their Spatio-temporal DynamicsPhilosofCalifornia Institute of TechnologyEnvironmental Microbiology
SullivanNutrient Limitation Drives Dynamics of Host-virus InteractionsAminiTabriziOhio State UniversityEnvironmental Microbiology
DocktyczPlant-Microbe Interfaces: Quantification of Populus transcriptomic response to colonization by select bacterial symbiontsPiatkowskiOak Ridge National LaboratoryPlant-Microbe Interactions
LongEnhancing Vegetative Oil Content through Optimized Lipogenic FactorsAnaokarUniversity of Illinois - Urbana-ChampaignPlant Biosystems Design
KeaslingHigh-Throughput Screening of Wild Type and Engineered Plants using the JBEI Feedstocks-To-Fuels (F2F) PipelinePidatalaLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryDeconstruction
NorthernThe Development of Plant and Soil Fabricated Ecosystems (EcoFABs) for Standardized Microbiome ExperimentsAndeerLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryEnvironmental Microbiology
DavisonNoncellulosic biopolymer morphology and structural changes during real-time reaction studies.PingaliOak Ridge National LaboratoryDeconstruction
AntonopoulosRapid Design and Engineering of Smart and Secure Microbiological SystemsAntonopoulosArgonne National LaboratoryMicrobial Biosystems Design
BhatnagarPlant-Mycorrhizal-Decomposer Interactions and Their Impacts on Terrestrial BiogeochemistryPolicelliBoston UniversityPlant-Microbe Interactions
DocktyczPlant-Microbe Interfaces: Development of an experimental approach to achieve spatially resolved plant root-associated metaproteomics using an agar-plate systemAppidiOak Ridge National LaboratoryPlant-Microbe Interactions
SullivanViral ecogenomics across a permafrost thaw gradientPratamaOhio State UniversityMicrobiome
GuarnieriIMAGINE BioSecurity: Mesocosm based methods to evaluate biocontainment strategies and impact of industrial microbes upon native ecosystems.ArnoldsNational Renewable Energy LaboratoryMicrobial Biosystems Design
DavisonSolid state NMR characterization of lipid membrane and organic solvent induced effectsPuOak Ridge National LaboratoryDeconstruction
DonohueImproving Iron-Sulfur Cluster Stability in Zymononas mobilis to Increase Terpenoid ProductionAskenasyUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonMetabolic Engineering
AdamsThe ENIGMA Subsurface Observatory: A high resolution approach to studying a shallow contaminated groundwater systemPuttLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryEnvironmental Microbiology
AvalosMonochromatic control of bacteria/yeast consortia for fuel and chemical productionAvalosPrinceton UniversityMetabolic Engineering
VaralaInfernet: Gene Function Inference By Leveraging Large, Organ-Specific Expression Datasets And Validation Of Non-Redundant RegulatorsRanjanPurdue UniversityPlant Genomic Research
KeaslingCarbon Conserving Redox Balanced Co-Utilization of Aromatics and Sugar by Engineered Pseudomonas putidaAwasthiLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryMicrobial Biosystems Design
JewettMechanistic Insights into Cell-free Gene Expression from an Integrated -Omics Analysis of Extract Preparation MethodsRasorNorthwestern UniversityMicrobial Biosystems Design
ChainA Bioinformatic Pipeline to Identify and Classify Potential Microbial Signatures from Fungal Sequencing Data Integrated with a Searchable Database of Described InteractionsBabinskiLos Alamos National LaboratoryComputational Biology
Rellan-AlvarezImproving candidate gene discovery by combining multiple genetic mapping datasetsRellan-AlvarezNorth Carolina State UniversityPlant Genomic Research
DocktyczPlant-Microbe Interfaces: Towards a rhizosphere on a chip for understanding physical and chemical transitions in multi-kingdom systemsRettererOak Ridge National LaboratoryMicrobial Physiology
WangElucidating the Evolution of Interspecies Metabolic Interactions within a Methanotroph-Cyanobacteria Coculture using Dynamic Genome-scale Metabolic ModelingBadrAuburn UniversityMicrobiome
AllenUnravelling xanthophyll pigment biosynthesis in algaeBaiJ. Craig Venter InstituteMicrobial Biosystems Design
JuengerEnrichment of Soil Bacterial Taxa in Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) Cropping Systems Across a Latitudinal GradientRickettsUniversity of Texas - AustinPlant-Microbe Interactions
KeaslingLiquid chromatography-mass spectrometry analysis of lignin depolymerized products from plant hydrolysatesBaidooLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryTechnology Development
DonohueLipid Membrane Remodeling during Ethanol, Isobutanol, and Lignocellulosic Hydrolysate Stress in Zymomonas mobilisRivera VazquezUniversity of Wisconsin - MadisonConversion
EgbertIdentifying Data-Driven Gene Targets to Control Bacterial FitnessBalakrishnanPacific Northwest National LaboratoryComputational Biology
Northenm-CAFEs Phage Engineering for Targeted Editing of Microbial CommunitiesRobertsLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryTechnology Development
BlumwaldThe Combined Effect of Abiotic Stresses Reveals Unique Cell Type-Specific Molecular Changes in PoplarBalasubramanianUniversity of California - DavisPlant Biosystems Design
AdamsGenome-scale metabolic and regulatory network reconstruction of Pyroccous furiosusRodionovUniversity of Georgia - AthensMetabolic Engineering
PakrasiDevelopment of Anabaena 33047, a fast-growing N2-fixing cyanobacterium, as a carbon neutral bioproduction platformBanerjeeWashington University in Saint LouisMicrobial Biosystems Design
KeaslingStructural characterization of lignin degrading enzyme PmdC, involved in the synthesis of polymer precursor 2-pyrone 4,6 dicarboxylic acid (PDC)RodriguesLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryLignin Valorization
KeaslingMultiproduct Cellulosic Biorefinery Enables Market-Competitive Gasoline and Jet Fuel BlendstocksBaralLawrence Berkeley National LaboratorySustainability
GillDesign and Engineering of Synthetic Control StructuresRomero-SuarezUniversity of Colorado - BoulderMicrobial Biosystems Design
AllisonBacterial Community Response to Environmental Change Varies With Depth in the Surface SoilBarbourUniversity of California - IrvineEnvironmental Microbiology
TuskanDrought stress alters plant-microbe interactions but is contingent on host genetic background.RothOak Ridge National LaboratorySustainability
JuengerModeling Environmental Influences on Biomass Composition of Diverse Switchgrass GenotypesBartleyUniversity of Texas - AustinPlant Feedstock
RouxPhage diversity and activity associated with seasonal changes in a model montane soil ecosystemRouxLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryEnvironmental Microbiology
TuskanTechno-Economic Analysis and Life Cycle Assessment of a biorefinery utilizing reductive catalytic fractionation (RCF)BartlingOak Ridge National LaboratorySustainability
NeidleDesign, Detect, Evolve: Engineering Syringol Degradation in ADP1BaughUniversity of Georgia - AthensMetabolic Engineering
NorthenTargeted DNA Editing Within Microbial CommunitiesRubinLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryMicrobial Biosystems Design
BennetzenSystems analysis of the beneficial associations of sorghum with arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi studied with genetics, genomics, imaging and microbiomicsBennetzenUniversity of Georgia - AthensPlant-Microbe Interactions
DocktyczPlant-Microbe Interfaces: Beyond symbiosis, fungi can specifically perceive and use lipochitooligosaccharides to organize and modulate the development of microbial communitiesRushOak Ridge National LaboratoryMicrobial Physiology
LeakeySustainable Production of Acrylic Acid via 3-Hydroxypropionic Acid from Lignocellulosic BiomassBhagwatUniversity of Illinois - Urbana-ChampaignSustainability
TrinhUnderstanding Robustness of Yarrowia lipolytica for Undetoxified Biomass Hydrolysate UtilizationRyuUniversity of TennesseeConversion
BlabyUnderstanding poplar and sorghum micronutrient stress by integrating functional genomics with molecular-level experimentationBlabyBrookhaven National LaboratoryPlant Feedstock
AbrahamUnderstanding microbial establishment in the rhizosphere using quantitative trait-locus mapping and CRISPR Cas editingSackoOak Ridge National LaboratoryMicrobial Biosystems Design
HofmockelVisually Mapping Phenotypes and Community Interactions at the Microbial ScaleSadlerPacific Northwest National LaboratoryMicrobiome
Pett-RidgeSIP-OMICS: A Semi-Automated Pipeline for Isotopically-Targeted Community Analysis and MetagenomicsBlazewiczLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryEnvironmental Microbiology
AlonsoIdentification of Pennycress (Thlaspi arvense L.) Proteins that Influence Lipid Droplet Formation and Modulate Neutral Lipid AccumulationSagunUniversity of North TexasPlant Genomic Research
DunbarMicrobial regulation of soil water repellency to control soil degradationBoakLos Alamos National LaboratoryEnvironmental Microbiology
Salvachua RodriguezCross-kingdom Comparative Genomics of Aromatic Catabolic Pathways in Fungi and BacteriaSalvachua RodriguezNational Renewable Energy LaboratoryLignin Valorization
TuskanDeploying docking calculations alongside kinetic model parameterization to elucidate mechanisms controlling metabolism in Clostridium thermocellumBoorlaOak Ridge National LaboratoryConversion
ZanghelliniDesigning Novel Enzymes for Complete Degradation of Recalcitrant PolyamidesSanghaArzeda CorpComputational Biology
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