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Research Summaries: Genomic Science Annual PI Meeting, February 2020

February 24 – 26, 2020

2020 Research Summaries Large

Abstract Book provided by Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU)

Meeting Introduction: PDF Todd Anderson, Director, Biological Systems Science Division, DOE BER

Lead PIPI OrganizationPresenterPoster Abstract TitleResearch Area
AllisonUniversity of California, IrvineFinksProlonged drought alters plant-litter decomposition via changes in bacterial communities and substrate availabilityPlant-Microbe Interactions
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryChavesGenome shuffling and bacterial quantitative trail locus (QTL) mapping in Pseudomonas putidaTechnology Development
AlonsoUniversity of North TexasAriasNatural Variation of Pennycress Metabolome and Transcriptome, an Emerging Crop for Aviation BiofuelPlant Feedstock
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryGalanieHigh-throughput functional characterization of Populus trichocarpa UDP-glycosyltransferasesPlant Genomic Research
AlonsoUniversity of North TexasOrtizFunctional Analysis of Candidate Genes Involved in Oil Storage and Stability in PennycressPlant Genomic Research
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryHolwerdaLignocellulose-Fermenting Microbiomes: A "Compass" for Biofuel Process DevelopmentConversion
Amador-NoguezOak Ridge National LaboratoryJacobsonIn vivo thermodynamic analysis of glycolysis in C. thermocellum and T. saccharolyticum using 13C and 2H tracersMicrobial Physiology
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryKainerRapid domestication of poplar using genomic selection and machine learningComputational Biology
AndersonUniversity of MinnesotaFrelsInvestigating Seed Size and Oil Content in Pennycress, Thlaspi arvensePlant Genomic Research
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryLabbeThe role of beneficial microbes in stress management of PopulusSustainability
ArkinLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryAllenKBase: The Systems Biology Knowledgebase for Predictive Biological and Environmental Research in an Integrated Data PlatformComputational Biology
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryLiCatalytic Upgrading of n-Butanol to Fully Synthetic Jet FuelConversion
ArkinLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryChivianKBase: Microbiome and Phylogenomics CapabilitiesComputational Biology
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryLyndImproving Clostridium thermocellum Product Titers by Increasing the Thermodynamic Driving Force of its Glycolytic PathwayConversion
ArkinLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryEdirisingheKBase : Omics driven discovery of novel functional capabilities in biological systemsComputational Biology
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryPendergastQTL mapping and candidate gene discovery of metabolomic signatures in switchgrassPlant Feedstock
ArkinLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryFariaLarge Scale Model-Driven comparison of Metagenome Assembled Genomes from Diverse EnvironmentsEnvironmental Microbiology
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryPratesAkiraProt: An Ensemble Workflow for Proteome-Wide Structural AnalysisComputational Biology
ArkinLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryWeisenhornKBase: Leveraging Amplicon Analysis Tools to Generate Testable Hypotheses From Complex Natural CommunitiesMicrobiome
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratorySarkarSNPeffect: Identifying Functional Roles for SNPs using Metabolic NetworksComputational Biology
ArkinPacific Northwest National LaboratoryKumarNWChem Computational Modeling of Metabolites in KBaseComputational Biology
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratorySmithEnzymatic Synthesis of Xylan MicrostructuresConversion
ArkinPacific Northwest National LaboratoryZuckerThe 2019 KBase Fungal Biochemistry Curation Jamboree: Insights and Lessons LearnedComputational Biology
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryWangCharacterization of drought tolerance and water-use efficiency related traits in switchgrassSustainability
AvalosPrinceton UniversityAvalosGenetically Encoded Biosensors for Mitochondrial and Cytosolic Biosynthesis of Branched- Chain Higher Alcohols in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeMicrobial Physiology
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryWernerInvestigating the spatial organization of aromatic catabolism in P. putida KT2440Lignin Valorization
BanfieldLawrence Berkeley National LaboratorySachdevaRapid automated curation of genomes from metagenomes and integration into KBaseMicrobiome
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryXieFunctional genomic and cross-species studies uncover novel regulators of phenylpropanoid biosynthesisPlant Genomic Research
BartUniversity of MissouriBartOptimizing Tradeoffs Implicit During Bioenergy Crop Improvement: Understanding the Effect of Altered Cell Wall and Sugar Content on Sorghum-associated Pathogenic BacteriaPlant-Microbe Interactions
TuskanUniversity of ColoradoEckertEngineering CRISPR-Cas Systems for Genome Editing in Pseudomonas putida KT2440 and Clostridium thermocellumMetabolic Engineering
BaxterCarnegie Institution for ScienceRheeNew Computational Pipelines to Prioritize Candidate Genes for Optimal Biomass Production under Drought in C4 Plants Setaria viridis and Sorghum bicolorComputational Biology
TuskanUniversity of GeorgiaIlla-BerenguerBuilding a suite of CRISPR/Cas9 tools for efficient switchgrass gene editingPlant Genomic Research
BaxterStanford UniversityDinnenyUsing synthetic genetic circuits to tightly control root architectureBiosystems Design
TyoNorthwestern UniversityBiggsProspecting thiamine diphosphate-dependent carboligases and characterizing their promiscuity to create novel metabolic pathways from primary metabolitesMetabolic Engineering
BaxterUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignLeakeyPhenomics of stomata and water use efficiency in C4 speciesBiosystems Design
TyoNorthwestern UniversityDinhUsing machine learning to model promiscuous activity of thiamine diphosphate-dependent carboligases and side reactions in the E. coli metabolomeComputational Biology
BaxterUniversity of MinnesotaVoytasTargeted Mutagenesis and Programmed Transcriptional Regulation in Setaria and SorghumBiosystems Design
UmenUniversity of MissouriUmenDeep Green: Structural and Functional Genomic Characterization of Conserved Unannotated Green Lineage ProteinsPlant Genomic Research
BaxterUniversity of Rhode IslandKauschThe Centrality of the Development of Transgenic Lines for the Analysis of Photosynthetic and Water Use Efficiencies in SorghumPlant Genomic Research
VaralaPurdue UniversityVaralaInfernet: Gene Function Inference By Leveraging Large, Organ-Specific Expression Datasets And Validation Of Non-Redundant RegulatorsPlant Genomic Research
BaxterWashington University in St. LouisCousinsPEPC kinetics and the efficiency of C4 photosynthesis in Sorghum bicolorBiosystems Design
WangAuburn UniversityBadrDynamic Genome-Scale Metabolic Network Modeling for a Novel Methanotroph-Cyanobacteria CocultureConversion
BetenbaughNational Renewable Energy LaboratoryJenkinsOptimizing Carbon Metabolism in Co-Culture for Applications to Sustainable BiosynthesisMetabolic Engineering
WangSan Diego State UniversityBrayTuning C1-metabolism for efficient utilization of biogas in synthetic photoautotroph-methanotroph binary consortiumConversion
BetenbaughVanderbilt UniversityZunigaMetabolic Flux Analysis of Sucrose-Secreting Cyanobacterium Synechococcus elongatusMetabolic Engineering
WestonOak Ridge National LaboratoryWestonMicrobiome transfer and synthetic community approaches for determining the genetic and environmental factors underlying mutualism within a Sphagnum peatmoss systemPlant-Microbe Interactions
BhatnagarBoston UniversityBhatnagarEctomycorrhizal fungi: mediators of plant-microbial interactions and terrestrial biogeochemistryPlant-Microbe Interactions
WestphelingOak Ridge National LaboratoryWestphelingDevelopment of emerging model microorganisms: Megasphaera elsdenii for biomass and organic acid upgrading to fuels and chemicalsMetabolic Engineering
Blaby-HaasBrookhaven National LaboratoryBlaby-HaasDeveloping a molecular-level model of cofactor-trafficking in chloroplastsPlant Feedstock
WheeldonUniversity of California, BerkeleyWheeldonDeveloping the yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus as a thermotolerant bioproduction hostMetabolic Engineering
Blaby-HaasBrookhaven National LaboratoryXieUnderstanding poplar and sorghum micronutrient stress by integrating functional genomics with molecular-level experimentationPlant Feedstock
WhitmanUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonWhitmanDissection of Carbon and Nitrogen Cycling in Post-Fire Soil Environments using a Genome-Informed Experimental CommunityEnvironmental Microbiology
BlumwaldPacific Northwest National LaboratoryBlumwaldMolecular Regulation of Cell-type Specific Responses to Abiotic Stresses in PoplarBiosystems Design
WinklerUniversity of WashingtonWinklerIntegrating single-cell wetland microbiome structure, function, and activity to ecosystemscale biogeochemical fluxesEnvironmental Microbiology
BlumwaldUniversity of Tennessee Institute of AgricultureStewartRational design and testing of osmotic-stress inducible synthetic promoters from poplar cis-regulatory elementsBiosystems Design
WrightonArgonne National LaboratoryVersteegCoupling KBASE with PFLOTRANTechnology Development
BouskillLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryBouskillMicrobial environmental feedbacks and the evolution of soil organic matterEnvironmental Microbiology
YeatesUCLA-DOE Institute for Genomics and ProteomicsLooMicrobial Metabolism, Chemistry, and Communities under Study at the UCLA-DOE Institute for Genomics and ProteomicsEnvironmental Microbiology
BoyleColorado School of MinesBoyleEnabling Predictive Metabolic Modeling of Diurnal Growth Using a Multi-Scale Multi-Paradigm ApproachMetabolic Engineering
YeatesUCLA-DOE Institute for Genomics and ProteomicsPellegriniTranscriptomic analyses of bulk and single cell Chalmydomonas RNA-seq data reveal new gene functions and cell state heterogeneityPlant Genomic Research
BuckleyCornell UniversityBarnettHarnessing Metagenomic Stable Isotope Probing to Uncover the Carbon Cycling Capacity of Soil MicrobesEnvironmental Microbiology
YeatesUCLA-DOE Institute for Genomics and ProteomicsRodriguezNew Atomic Imaging Technology Development at the UCLA-DOE InstituteComputational Biology
BuckleyCornell UniversityWilhelmPhenolic acid-degrading populations of Paraburkholderia prime decomposition in forest soilsEnvironmental Microbiology
YeatesUCLA-DOE Institute for Genomics and ProteomicsSherkanovInnovations in Enzyme and Pathway Engineering for Cell-Free Production of Biofuels and High-Value ChemicalsBiosystems Design
BurleyRutgers UniversityWestbrookRCSB Protein Data Bank: Making connections from genes to ecosystemsComputational Biology
YoungVanderbilt UniversityBabeleRapid flux phenotyping to accelerate metabolic engineering of cyanobacteriaMetabolic Engineering
Burnum-JohnsonPacific Northwest National LaboratoryBurnum-JohnsonSpatiotemporal Mapping of Lignocellulose Decomposition by a Naturally Evolved Fungal Garden Microbial ConsortiumEnvironmental Microbiology
YoungVanderbilt UniversityWangMetabolic engineering of cyanobacteria for enhanced production of ethylene and free fatty acidsMetabolic Engineering
BusbyOregon State UniversityBusbyIdentifying Plant Genes Associated With Pathogen Antagonism in Populus trichocarpaMicrobiome
ZerbeUniversity of California, BerkeleyTiedgeImproved Biofuel Production through Discovery and Engineering of Terpene Metabolism in SwitchgrassPlant Genomic Research
CannonPacific Northwest National LaboratoryCannonLearning Regulation And Optimal Control Of Enzime Activities And Application To Systems Biology Data Of Neurospora CrassaComputational Biology
ZhaoPrinceton UniversityXiaoEvidence for Metabolic Channeling of Glucose into the Oxidative Pentose Phosphate Pathway to Drive NADPH Production in Rhodosporidium toruloidesMetabolic Engineering
CannonUniversity of California, BerkeleyCannonElucidating Principles of Bacterial-Fungal InteractionsEnvironmental Microbiology
ZhaoThe Pennsylvania State UniversityDinhGenome-scale Model Reconstruction and 13C-Metabolic Flux Analysis for Non-model Yeast Organisms Rhodosporidium toruloides IFO0880 and Issatchenkia orientalis SD108Metabolic Engineering
CarlsonPenn State UniversityCarlsonBreeding Resilient, Disease-Resistant Switchgrass Cultivars for Marginal LandsPlant Feedstock
ZhaoUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignSchultzExploring Oleaginous Yeast Rhodosporidium toruloides as a Platform Organism for Production of Chemicals and FuelsMetabolic Engineering
ChainLos Alamos National LaboratoryKelliherInvestigating Chloroplast Signal within the Hyphae of Diverse FungiEnvironmental Microbiology
ChainLos Alamos National LaboratoryMoralesResolving Intracellular Chloroplast in Fungi from Sequence to SlideMicrobiome
ChainLos Alamos National LaboratoryRobinsonExaminations of the Fungal Genus Monosporascus Reveal its Potential as an Experimental Model for Studying Bacterial-Fungal InteractionsMicrobiome
ChainPenn State UniversityFlynnIntegrating read-based microbiome taxonomy classification tools into KBaseMicrobiome
ChapplePurdue UniversityChappleCoupling Metabolic Source Isotopic Pair Labeling And Genome Wide Association For Metabolite And Gene Annotation In PlantsPlant Genomic Research
ChurchHarvard Medical SchoolFilsingerCharacterizing the portability of RecT-mediated oligonucleotide recombinationTechnology Development
ChurchHarvard Medical SchoolGarrussDeep Mutational Learning of Protein Function for New Intracellular BiosensorsComputational Biology
ChurchHarvard Medical SchoolNyergesParallelized in vivo Construction of a Synthetic 57-Codon E. coli GenomeBiosystems Design
ChurchHarvard Medical SchoolPawlowskiUncovering spatial taxonomic structures of synthetic microbial communities using subcellular RNA sequencingTechnology Development
ChurchHarvard UniversitySchubertHigh Throughput Functional Variant Screens via In-vivo Production of Single-stranded DNATechnology Development
ChurchHarvard UniversityStorkGenetic Code Expansion in Bacillus subtilisTechnology Development
CoatesUniversity of California, BerkeleyEwensRevealing the Prevalence and Diversity of a "Rare" Phosphorus Metabolism through Selective Enrichments and Genome Resolved MetagenomicsEnvironmental Microbiology
CoatesUniversity of California, BerkeleyGombergThe Lineages of Dissimilatory Phosphite Oxidation Genes Indicate an Ancient, Vertically Transferred MetabolismEnvironmental Microbiology
ComaiPacific Southwest Research StationComaiDiscovery and characterization of disease resistance loci using a unique gene copy number variant populationPlant-Microbe Interactions
CoruzziNew York UniversityEshelEvoNet: A Phylogenomic and Systems Biology approach to identify genes underlying plant survival in marginal, low-Nitrogen soilsComputational Biology
CuevasUniversity of FloridaCuevasGenome-wide association analysis of anthracnose resistance response in the NPGS sweet sorghum collectionPlant Genomic Research
DantasWashington University in St. LouisAnthonyElucidating aromatic tolerance and utilization in adaptively evolved Rhodococcus opacus strains for lignin valorizationLignin Valorization
DantasWashington University in St. LouisRoellCharacterizing growth and metabolism of Rhodococcus opacus PD630 on real lignin breakdown productsLignin Valorization
DavisonOak Ridge National LaboratoryPetridisPolymer and structural science behind valorizing lignin using solventsLignin Valorization
DavisonUniversity of CincinnatiElkinsPrecision Labeling of Membrane Fatty Acids in Bacillus subtilis and the Impacts on the Cellular Proteome and LipidomeMicrobial Physiology
DavisonUniversity of TennesseeO'NeillPectin- lignin interactions in plant cell walls and model compositesDeconstruction
DeAngelisUniversity of MassachusettsDeAngelisDrivers and Mechanisms of Long-Term Soil Response to Chronic WarmingEnvironmental Microbiology
DeLuciaBrookhaven National LaboratoryShanklinEnergizing the Machinery of Storage Lipid Synthesis in Plant Vegetative TissuesPlant Feedstock
DeLuciaIowa State UniversityLeeDevelopment of High Throughput Primer Design and Quantification for Nitrogen Cycle Genes in Bioenergy Crop SoilsPlant-Microbe Interactions
DeLuciaLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryYoshikuniLeveraging Comparative Population Genomics to Dissect the Mechanisms of Issatchenkia orientalis Fluconazole ResistanceBiosystems Design
DeLuciaUniversity of FloridaKannanGene Targeting and Targeted Mutagenesis for Genetic Improvement of OilcanePlant Feedstock
DeLuciaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignBurnhamAssessing Biological Nitrification Inhibition in the Rhizosphere of Field-Grown Bioenergy SorghumPlant-Microbe Interactions
DeLuciaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignKentLinking Microbial Community Structure and Function for Sustainable Production of Bioenergy CropsPlant-Microbe Interactions
DeLuciaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignKimA role for differential RCA isoform expression in C4 bioenergy grass thermotolerance?Plant Feedstock
DeLuciaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignLeeRewiring Metabolism to Construct a Yeast Strain Capable of Producing 2,3-butanediol Without Ethanol and Glycerol ProductionConversion
DeLuciaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignMajeedEffectiveness of Payments for Greenhouse Gas Mitigation to Induce Low Carbon Bioenergy ProductionSustainability
DeLuciaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignMishraTowards a fully automated algorithm driven platform for biosystems designBiosystems Design
DeLuciaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignMooreAn Ecosystem-Scale Comparison of Sorghum, Maize, and Miscanthus as Three Bioenergy Crop CandidatesBiogeochemistry
DeLuciaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignNguyenCoarse-grained Modeling of Saccharomyces cerevisiae PhysiologyConversion
DeLuciaUniversity of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignVarelaApplication of Spatially Adjusted Machine Learning Approaches to Improve Sorghum Biomass Prediction Using Unmanned Aerial VehiclesPlant Feedstock
DeLuciaUniversity of NebraskaParkMetabolic Engineering of Triacylglycerols with Specialized Fatty Acids in SorghumPlant Feedstock
DeLuciaWest Virginia UniversityRidgewayQuantifying the Plant-Microbial Interactions Controlling Soil Organic Matter Formation in Bioenergy to Improve Model Representations of SustainabilitySustainability
DinnenyStanford UniversityDinnenyDiscovering Innovations in Stress Tolerance Through Comparative Gene Regulatory Network Analysis and Cell-Type Specific Expression MapsPlant Genomic Research
DoktyczOak Ridge National LaboratoryCreggerPlant-Microbe Interfaces: Temporal Variation in Plant-Microbe InteractionsEnvironmental Microbiology
DoktyczOak Ridge National LaboratoryDemerdashPlant-Microbe Interfaces: Application of machine-learned protein-metabolite binding prediction models to plant-microbe interfacesComputational Biology
DoktyczOak Ridge National LaboratoryDoktyczPlant-Microbe Interfaces: Pathway prediction and production through cell-free synthetic biologyMetabolic Engineering
DoktyczOak Ridge National LaboratoryJacobsonPlant-Microbe Interfaces: Systems biology approaches to understanding a plant's adaptation to and regulation of the phytobiomeComputational Biology
DoktyczOak Ridge National LaboratoryMorrell-FalveyPlant-Microbe Interfaces: Identification of gene products involved in plant colonization by Pantoea sp. YR343 using a plant-responsive diguanylate cyclaseEnvironmental Microbiology
DoktyczOak Ridge National LaboratoryPelletierPlant-Microbe Interfaces: Simplified community approach to investigate the dynamic host-microbiome relationshipPlant-Microbe Interactions
DoktyczOak Ridge National LaboratoryTschaplinskiPlant-Microbe Interfaces: Metabolomics of non-host switchgrass plants expressing a poplar lectin receptor-like kinase in response to the mycorrhizal fungus Laccaria bicolorPlant Genomic Research
DoktyczOak Ridge National LaboratoryYangPlant-Microbe Interfaces: Experimental characterization of protein movement from plants to ectomycorrhizal fungusPlant Genomic Research
DoktyczUniversity of TennesseeHettichPlant-Microbe Interfaces: Identification and characterization of Proteolytic Cleavage Product (PCP) peptides that function as key signaling molecules for Plant-Microbe InteractionsPlant Genomic Research
DonohueMichigan State UniversityBell-DereskeStability of Switchgrass Leaf Microbiome in the Face of Natural Aerial ColonizersPlant-Microbe Interactions
DonohueMichigan State UniversityBibikPathway Engineering and Re-targeting Boosts Production of High-Value Bioproducts in PlantsMetabolic Engineering
DonohueMichigan State UniversityCordovaAssociative nitrogen fixation (ANF) in high-yielding switchgrass varietiesPlant-Microbe Interactions
DonohueMichigan State UniversityHanMPK6-MYB46 Regulatory Module Suppresses Plant Biomass Formation During Salt StressPlant Feedstock
DonohueTexas A&M UniversityOliverSorghum Dw2 controls stem growth by regulating PLDδ/endomembrane activity and cell proliferationPlant Genomic Research
DonohueUniversity of British ColumbiaUndaIncorporation of protocatechuaic acid (3, 4-dihydroxybenzoate) conjugates into the lignin of transgenic poplarPlant Genomic Research
DonohueUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonAskenasyEngineering of the Enzymes IspG and IspH from Zymononas mobilis to Increase Terpenoid ProductionMicrobial Physiology
DonohueUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonChewDesigning Mixed-Solvent Environments for Acid-Catalyzed Biomass Conversion ProcessesDeconstruction
DonohueUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonCourtneyModel-driven analysis of mutant fitness experiments improves genome-scale metabolic models of Zymomonas mobilis ZM4Metabolic Engineering
DonohueUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonFortneySystems Level Comparison of Medium Chain Fatty Acid ProductionMicrobial Physiology
DonohueUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonGuptaData-driven design and engineering of biomolecules: mRNA and DNAComputational Biology
DonohueUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonKarlenMicrobial conversion of chemically depolymerized lignin into valuable compoundsLignin Valorization
DonohueUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonKonturMicrobial Valorization of Lignin: Using Novosphingobium aromaticivorans to Break the Bonds in Lignin and Convert Lignin Deconstruction Products into Value-added ChemicalsLignin Valorization
DonohueUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonKrauseUsing Fungal Diversity to Improve Biofuel ConversionMetabolic Engineering
DonohueUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonO'NeillIntegrated Spatially Explicit Optimization of Biofuel Supply Chains and Landscape Design Considering Biomass Supply UncertaintySustainability
DonohueUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonSatoCrabtree-like aerobic xylose fermentation through increased metabolic flux and altered sugar signaling pathways in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeConversion
DonohueUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonSmithUsing the Zip-Lignin Strategy to Build the Optimal Sorghum Biofuel CropPlant Feedstock
DonohueUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonTilhouAccelerating Yield Improvement in Switchgrass through Genomic Prediction of Floral AnthesisPlant Genomic Research
DonohueUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonWadlerEngineering Streptomyces to Capture Value from Lignocellulosic Biofuel Conversion ResidueMetabolic Engineering
DunbarLos Alamos National LaboratoryAlbrightOrganism interactions and substrate range are the primary mechanisms linked to divergent carbon flow during litter decompositionEnvironmental Microbiology
DunbarLos Alamos National LaboratoryDevanRole of geographic scale in likelihood of microbial-driven functional variation during litter decompositionEnvironmental Microbiology
DunbarLos Alamos National LaboratoryHutchinsonMerging fungal and bacterial community profiles via an internal controlEnvironmental Microbiology
DunbarLos Alamos National LaboratoryKroegerMicrobial Community Composition Controls Carbon Flux Across Litter Types in Short-Term Litter DecompositionEnvironmental Microbiology
DunbarLos Alamos National LaboratorySevantoInfluence of microbial surface litter decomposer communities on CO2 emissions from natural soilsEnvironmental Microbiology
DunlopBoston UniversityLinHigh-speed spectroscopic stimulated Raman scattering microscopy for measuring biofuel synthesisBiosystems Design
DunlopBoston UniversityTagueSingle Cell Chemical Imaging with Stimulated Raman Scattering for Biofuel Production ScreeningBiosystems Design
DyerUS Arid-Land Agricultural Research CenterAbdel-HaleemGenomics and Phenomics to Identify Yield and Drought Tolerance Alleles for Improvement of Camelina as a Biofuel CropPlant Feedstock
EgbertPacific Northwest National LaboratoryEgbertGenome remodeling to control the persistence of engineered functions in soil microbesBiosystems Design
EisensteinUniversity of MarylandEisensteinTransgenic Poplar Lines to Probe Host Genes Involved in Defense Against RustPlant Feedstock
EvansMichigan State UniversityKittredgeRelic DNA dynamics mask the resilience of switchgrass bacterial communities to extreme drying rewettingMicrobiome
EvansMichigan State UniversitySmercinaFree-living Nitrogen Fixation in the Switchgrass RhizospherePlant-Microbe Interactions
EvansMichigan State UniversityUlbrichSoil Microbes Affect Switchgrass Germination More than Seedling Growth Under DroughtPlant-Microbe Interactions
EvelandDonald Danforth Plant Science CenterEvelandElucidating the Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Drought Resilience in SorghumPlant Feedstock
FagnanLawrence Berkeley National LaboratorySchulzCultivation-independent expansion of the Nucleocytoplasmic Large DNA VirusesEnvironmental Microbiology
FagnanLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryVangayThe National Microbiome Data Collaborative: Empowering the Research Community to More Effectively Harness Microbiome DataMicrobiome
FirestoneLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryBakerUnravelling Rhizosphere-Microbial Interactions in the Rhizosphere of Alamo Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) under Abiotic StressesEnvironmental Microbiology
FirestoneLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryCeja-NavarroMultitrophic and Metabolite Responses to Drought in Grassland SoilsEnvironmental Microbiology
FirestoneLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryFirestoneConnecting switchgrass-microbe-soil interfaces for sustainable bioenergy crop production on marginal soils: stable-isotope labeling, genomics and exometabolomicsEnvironmental Microbiology
FirestoneLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryHaoSpectroscopic Diagnosis of Plant Phosphorus Availability and Relationship to Tissue Chemistry and Productivity of a Bioenergy FeedstockSustainability
FirestoneLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryWangSuccession of Rhizosphere Biotic Communities During Switchgrass Establishment in Marginal SoilsEnvironmental Microbiology
FirestoneUniversity of California, BerkeleyEmersonCross-Kingdom Interactions: the Foundation for Nutrient Cycling in Grassland SoilsMicrobiome
FirestoneUniversity of California, BerkeleyKakouridisArbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Transport Water to Host PlantsEnvironmental Microbiology
FirestoneUniversity of California, BerkeleySieradzkiMicrobial and Viral Niche-Differentiation in Time-Resolved Metatranscriptomes from Rhizosphere and Detritusphere SoilEnvironmental Microbiology
FirestoneUniversity of OklahomaKuangEffects of Switchgrass Cultivation on Deep Soil Carbon Stock and Long-term Carbon Dynamics in Marginal LandsSustainability
FoxUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonFoxCreation of an Acyltransferase Toolbox for Plant Biomass EngineeringPlant Genomic Research
GardnerUniversity of MarylandGardnerUsing Systems Biology to Untangle the Complex Physiology of Bacterial Xylan UtilizationMicrobial Physiology
GibertDuke UniversityGibertProtist Predation Mediates The Temperature Response Of Microbial CommunitiesEnvironmental Microbiology
GillLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryFreedEngineering of Regulatory Networks for Improved C3-C4 Alcohol Tolerance and Production in E. coli and S. cerevisiaeBiosystems Design
GillMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyBassaloA "Marionette" S. cerevisiae Strain to Control Metabolic PathwaysMetabolic Engineering
GillUniversity of ColoradoGal-OzTowards Integration of "Cello", the Computer-Aided Design Platform for Genetic Circuits, into KBaseBiosystems Design
GillUniversity of ColoradoHabibDesign and engineering of native regulatory networks in non-model microbesBiosystems Design
HofmockelPacific Northwest National LaboratoryAndertonFungal hyphal networks play a key role in soil microbiome micronutrient acquisition and transport during droughtMicrobiome
HofmockelPacific Northwest National LaboratoryGrahamViral diversity: decoding hidden potential for metabolic functions in soilsMicrobiome
HofmockelPacific Northwest National LaboratoryHofmockelControls on the Composition of Microbial Derived Necromass in SoilEnvironmental Microbiology
HofmockelPacific Northwest National LaboratoryJanssonDeconstructing the Soil Microbiome into Reduced-Complexity Functional ModulesMicrobiome
HofmockelPacific Northwest National LaboratoryLiptonUnraveling the Molecular Mechanisms Underlying the Microbiome Response to Soil RewettingMicrobiome
HofmockelPacific Northwest National LaboratoryMcClureGeneration and Analysis of Reduced Complexity Model Soil ConsortiaMicrobiome
HungateNorthern Arizona UniversityHungateEffects of Warming on Bacterial Growth and Element Fluxes in SoilMicrobiome
HungateNorthern Arizona UniversitySchwartzMeasurement of Isotope Assimilation Rates into Microbial DNA Through Quantitative Stable Isotope Probing with Internal StandardsEnvironmental Microbiology
JacobsonOak Ridge National LaboratoryGarvinPeta- and Exa-scale for Arabidopsis in KBaseComputational Biology
JamannUniversity of IllinoisJamannConserved Genetic Mechanisms for Biotic Stress in SorghumPlant Feedstock
JardineLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryDewhirstCell Wall O-Acetyl and Methyl Esterification Patterns of Leaves Reflected in Atmospheric Emission Signatures of Acetic Acid and MethanolPlant Genomic Research
JewettLanzaTech IncBrownSequencing and Gene Mining the Largest Collection of Industrially used Acetone-Butanol-Ethanol (ABE) Fermentation StrainsBiosystems Design
JewettLanzaTech IncJensenEstablishing an Automated High-throughput Screening PlatformBiosystems Design
JewettLanzaTech IncKoepkeAccelerating Pathway Engineering of Non-Model Organisms Through Novel Cell-Free to In Vivo WorkflowsBiosystems Design
JewettNorthwestern UniversityMartinKinetic Modeling Tools Using Cell-Free Experiments to Predict Metabolic Network Behavior in Non-Model SystemsComputational Biology
JewettNorthwestern UniversityNiPredicting Novel Biosynthetic Pathways with Generalized Enzymatic Reaction RulesComputational Biology
JewettNorthwestern UniversityRybnickyDetermining Protospacer Adjacent Motif Preferences of Industrially Relevant Clostridial Type I-B CRISPR-Cas SystemsBiosystems Design
JewettOak Ridge National LaboratoryGiannoneIntegrating Proteomic and Metabolomic Analyses to Optimize Cellular Extract Preparation for Enhanced Cell-Free Protein SynthesisBiosystems Design
JonikasPrinceton UniversityJonikasTransforming our understanding of chloroplast-associated genes through comprehensive characterization of protein localizations and protein-protein interactionsPlant Genomic Research
JuengerArgonne National LaboratoryRickettsEcosystem responses in switchgrass monoculture stands across a latitudinal gradientSustainability
JuengerLawrence Berkeley National LaboratorySingerSpatiotemporal dynamics of a microbiome on Panicum hallii under drought stressPlant-Microbe Interactions
JuengerUniversity of TexasEdwardsHost Genetics Control the Composition of Root-associated Microbiota in Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum)Environmental Microbiology
JuengerUniversity of TexasMacQueenGenetics of Climate Adaptation Using Genome-Wide Association in SwitchgrassSustainability
JuengerUniversity of TexasLovellThe Genomic Basis of Ecotype Evolution in SwitchgrassPlant Genomic Research
JuengerUniversity of TexasZhangUsing Machine Learning to Identify Cultivar x Site Interaction and Environmental Variable Affecting Aboveground BiomassSustainability
KeaslingBrookhaven National LaboratoryLiuLowering Lignin Recalcitrance and Producing Value Bioproducts in PoplarMetabolic Engineering
KeaslingJoint BioEnergy InstituteAchinivuDistillable Ionic Liquids/Deep Eutectic Solvents for an Effective Recycling and Recovery ApproachDeconstruction
KeaslingJoint BioEnergy InstituteEudesProduction of Platform Chemicals in Bioenergy Crops: Stacking Low-Recalcitrance Traits with Co-ProductsPlant Feedstock
KeaslingJoint BioEnergy InstituteFeistAdaptive Laboratory Evolution as an Efficient Technology for Strain ConstructionTechnology Development
KeaslingJoint BioEnergy InstituteGarcia MartinART: a machine learning Automated Recommendation Tool for synthetic biologyComputational Biology
KeaslingJoint BioEnergy InstituteGladdenConversion of Ionic Liquid Pretreated Poplar into Jet FuelMetabolic Engineering
KeaslingJoint BioEnergy InstituteHaHigh-Throughput Screening of Lignocellulosic Biomass Degrading Enzymes Utilizing Mass SpectrometryTechnology Development
KeaslingJoint BioEnergy InstituteHillsonCollaboration with the Experiment Data DepotBiosystems Design
KeaslingJoint BioEnergy InstituteIwaiA Droplet Microfluidic Platform for Lab AutomationTechnology Development
KeaslingJoint BioEnergy InstituteLeeRedirecting metabolic flux via combinatorial multiplex CRISPRi-mediated repression for isopentenol production in E. coliMetabolic Engineering
KeaslingLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryKeaslingEngineered Polyketide Synthases as Platform for Synthetic ChemistryBiosystems Design
KeaslingLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryMishraEnvironmental Impacts of Biomass Sorghum Production in the Continental United StatesSustainability
KeaslingLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryMortimerSorghum Secondary Cell Wall Nanoarchitecture Can Be Revealed By Solid State NMRPlant Feedstock
KeaslingLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryMukhopadhyayGenome-scale metabolic rewiring to achieve predictable titers, rates and yields of nonnative products at scaleMetabolic Engineering
KeaslingLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryPetzoldAn Automated Sample Preparation Workflow For High-throughput, Quantitative Proteomic Studies of MicrobesTechnology Development
KeaslingLawrence Berkeley National LaboratorySchellerField Testing of Engineered Switchgrass with Improved Biomass Yield and Sustainability TraitsPlant Feedstock
KeaslingLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryScownMachine Learning to Predict Biomass Sorghum Yields under Future Climate ScenariosSustainability
KeaslingLawrence Berkeley National LaboratorySingerCatabolism of Lignin Oligomers by Soil-Derived MicrobiomesDeconstruction
KeaslingLawrence Berkeley National LaboratorySinghTowards Whole Biomass Utilization: Development of Ionic Liquid Technologies for LigninDeconstruction
KeaslingLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryYangCarbon Footprint and Economics of Integrating Biogas Upgrading Process and Carbon Capture Technologies in Cellulosic BiorefineriesSustainability
KirstUniversity of FloridaKatesGlobal-Scale Phylogenomics of the Nitrogen-Fixing CladePlant Genomic Research
KirstUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonIrvingEvolution of root nodule symbiosis & engineering of symbiotic nitrogen fixation in Populus sp.Plant-Microbe Interactions
KirstUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonKnaackDeciphering N-fixing symbiosis signaling in Medicago with dynamic regulatory module networks (DRMNs)Computational Biology
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