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Research Summaries: Genomic Science Annual PI Meeting, February 2021

GSP PI Meeting 2021

Abstract Book provided by Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU)

Lead PIPI OrganizationPresenterPoster Abstract TitleResearch Area
DunbarLos Alamos National LaboratorySevantoInfluence of Microbial Surface Litter Decomposer Communities on CO2 Emissions from Natural SoilsEnvironmental Microbiology
EmersonUniversity of CaliforniaEmersonInfective Viruses and Inert Virions: Illuminating Abundant Unknowns in Terrestrial Biogeochemical CyclesMicrobiome
Amador-NoguezUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonJacobsonIn vivo thermodynamic analysis of glycolysis in Clostridium thermocellum and Thermoanaerobacterium saccharolyticum using 13C and 2H tracersMicrobial Physiology
ChurchHarvard Medical SchoolPawlowskiIn situ sequencing for deciphering spatial taxonomic structures of plant-associated microbial communitiesTechnology Development
LeakeyUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignWangImproving Photosynthetic Efficiency of C4 Energy Crops: A Dynamic Modeling AnalysisPlant Feedstock
LongUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignLeeImproving Photosynthetic Efficiency of C4 Bioenergy Crops in Fluctuating LightsBiosystems Design
ZerbeUniversity of CaliforniaTiedgeImproved Biofuel Production through Discovery and Engineering of Terpene Metabolism in SwitchgrassSustainability
StuartLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryKimImpacts of physical proximity and metabolite diffusion on algal-bacteria interactionsEnvironmental Microbiology
DonohueMichigan State UniversityWangImpact of genome assemblies, genotyping methods, variant types, and ploidy levels on genomic prediction in switchgrassComputational Biology
GuarnieriUniversity of CaliforniaGuarnieriIMAGINE BioSecurity: Integrative Modeling and Genome-Scale Engineering for Biosystems SecurityBiosystems Design
TaylorOak Ridge National LaboratoryKleinIdentifying traits that underpin the genetic basis of drought tolerance in bioenergy poplarPlant Genomic Research
EgbertPacific Northwest National LaboratoryOgdenIdentifying persistence control strategies in plant-growth promoting soil bacteria with RB-TnSeq, CRISPRi, and proteomicsPlant-Microbe Interactions
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratorySarkarIdentifying growth-coupled genetic loci using integrated metabolic modeling in populusPlant Feedstock
EgbertUniversity of CaliforniaBalakrishnanIdentifying growth harness actuator genes for Pseudomonas putidaComputational Biology
ChapplePurdue UniversityOlsonIdentification of the tyrosine- and phenylalanine-derived soluble metabolomes of sorghumPlant Genomic Research
KirstUniversity of FloridaKirstIdentification of the Minimal Genetic Toolkit Required for Nitrogen Fixation Using Comparative Genomics and Single-Cell TranscriptomicsBiosystems Design
DinnenyUniversity of MichiganYanIdentification of Cell-type Marker Genes from Plant Single-cell RNA-seq Data Using Machine LearningComputational Biology
FoxUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonSmithIdentification and Characterization of a New Set of Monocot BAHD Monolignol TransferasesBiosystems Design
WinklerLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryJohnstonHydrogel Beads to Encapsulate Sediment Microbes as a Strategy to Quantify Climate Impacts on Microscale Biogeochemical ActivityEnvironmental Microbiology
Pett-RidgeLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryBlazewiczHistoric Precipitation Regimes Influence Microbial Population Dynamics in Response to Seasonal Rewetting in Mediterranean Grassland SoilEnvironmental Microbiology
ChurchHarvard UniversitySchubertHigh-Throughput Pooled Functional Screens via in vivo Production of Single-Stranded DNA, Toward Applications in Photosynthetic Microbial HostsTechnology Development
TagaUniversity of CaliforniaAlvarez-AponteHigh-Throughput Isolation of Bacteria to Dissect Corrinoid Based Interactions in SoilEnvironmental Microbiology
RheeLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryThomasHigh-Throughput Determination of a Subcellular Metabolic Network Map of PlantsPlant Genomic Research
AdamsLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryKuehlHigh Throughput Isolation and Microbial Community Enrichment PlatformsEnvironmental Microbiology
KeaslingLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryWashburnHigh Throughput Bioengineering Using a Microfluidic PlatformTechnology Development
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryDiFazioHigh Resolution Analysis of Recombination Rates in Populus trichocarpaPlant Feedstock
SolomonPurdue UniversityHookerHigh quality anaerobic fungal genome assemblies and annotation for study and optimization of lignocellulose conversionBiosystems Design
WangAuburn UniversityWangHarnessing Methanotroph-Photoautotroph Interactions for Biogas ConversionMicrobiome
AntonopoulosArgonne National LaboratoryMannGrammar and Language of CRISPR/Cas-Targetable Sites in Escherichia coli, Shigella, Pseudomonas, and Salmonella: A Comprehensive SurveyBiosystems Design
JamannUniversity of IllinoisSinghGenomic regions associated with pathogenicity in Exserohilum turcicum identified by linkage mapping in a biparental populationPlant-Microbe Interactions
CuevasUniversity of GeorgiaCuevasGenomic dissection of anthracnose resistance response in the sorghum nested association mapping populationsPlant Feedstock
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryWangGenome-wide association studies of drought stress and water use efficiency related traits in switchgrassSustainability
AdamsUniversity of GeorgiaRodionovGenome-Scale Metabolic and Regulatory Network Reconstruction of Caldicellulosiruptor bescii Leads to the Reconstruction of Predictive Models for Bioproduct GenerationComputational Biology
AdamsUniversity of Rhode IslandRodionovGenome-Scale Metabolic and Regulatory Network Reconstruction of Caldicellulosiruptor bescii Leads to the Reconstruction of Predictive Models for Bioproduct GenerationEnvironmental Microbiology
JuengerUniversity of TexasEdwardsGenetic signatures influencing host-microbiome interactions in switchgrass (Panicum virgatum)Microbiome
AndersonUniversity of MinnesotaTandukarGenetic improvement of seed yield and oil content in field pennycressPlant Genomic Research
LeakeyUUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignQuachGenetic Designs Targeting Accumulation of Vegetative Lipids, Multiplexing of Editing Reagents for "In Context Promoter Bashing" and Gaining Insight on Roots Exudates Impact on Shaping the Root Microbiome in Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) MoenchPlant Feedstock
FagnanLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryFagnanGenesearch: A Sequence Similarity Search Service for Genomics WorkflowsComputational Biology
NorthenUniversity of CaliforniaCokerGenerating a Stable, Reproducible Rhizosphere Microbial CommunityMicrobiome
JanssonPacific Northwest National LaboratoryBhattacharjeeFungal Nutrient Acquisition and Transport in Soil Micromodels is Regulated by Organic Acid Chelation and Specific Membrane TransportersEnvironmental Microbiology
GillUniversity of ColoradoLacerdaFunctional genetic screening in the thermotolerant yeast Kluyveromyces marxianusMetabolic Engineering
BrunsLawrence Berkeley National LaboratorySteindorffFunctional and comparative genomics of pyrophilous fungiEnvironmental Microbiology
JiaoLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryParkFrom Sequence to Cell to Population: Secure and Robust Biosystems Design for Environmental MicroorganismsBiosystems Design
AdamsLawrence Berkeley National Laboratoryde RaadFrom natural carbon to a defined medium: Characterization of carbon utilization of FRC isolatesEnvironmental Microbiology
WrightonColorado State UniversityNarroweFrom Genomes to Methane Emission: Targeting Critical Knowledge Gaps in Wetland SoilsBiogeochemistry
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryMazareiField experiments of switchgrass GWAS population for increased sustainability: nitrogen-use efficiency and rust disease resistancePlant Feedstock
WheelerUniversity of MontanaKrauseFATHMM: Frameshift Aware Translated Hidden Markov ModelsComputational Biology
GillLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryDoosthosseiniExtension of Genetic Circuit Design Optimization to Industrially- relevant OrganismsBiosystems Design
LongUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignMaitraExtending the Use of Time-domain 1H-NMR for Rapid and Non- invasive Quantification and Characterization of In-situ Lipids in Transgenic Bioenergy CropsBiosystems Design
KeaslingLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryPhamExpression of fungal laccases in Pichia pastoris and characterization using lignin depolymerizationDeconstruction
ChainLos Alamos National LaboratoryRobinsonExploring Mechanisms of Bacterial-Fungal Interactions Using Ralstonia pickettii Genomes Obtained from Diverse Monosporascus IsolatesMicrobiome
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryGuExploring Catalytic Conditions for C-C Bond Cleavage of Lignin- Based CompoundsLignin Valorization
WhitmanUniversity of CaliforniaBrunsExperimental pyrocosms demonstrate key features of the autecology of post-fire fungiEnvironmental Microbiology
SullivanOhio State UniversityPratamaExpanding standards in viromics: in silico evaluation of viral identification, taxonomy, and auxiliary metabolic genes (AMGs) curationEnvironmental Microbiology
KirstUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonIrvingEvolution of root nodule symbiosis and engineering of symbiotic nitrogen fixation in Populus sp.Plant-Microbe Interactions
DonohueUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonGilcherEvolution of Cellulose Structure throughout gamma-Valerolactone-Assisted and Enzymatic Biomass DeconstructionDeconstruction
AbrahamOak Ridge National LaboratoryMooreEstablishment, Spread, and Impact of Non-Native Microbes in Non-Model Perennial PlantsEnvironmental Microbiology
DonohueUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonKuchEnzymatic Deconstruction of Cellulosic BiomassDeconstruction
JuengerUniversity of OklahomaBartleyEnvironmental and Genetic Effects on Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) Biomass Composition across Diverse EnvironmentsPlant Feedstock
CoatesUniversity of CaliforniaMetcalfeEnvironmental and Biological Constraints on Dissimilatory Phosphite Oxidizing MicroorganismsEnvironmental Microbiology
PeterUniversity of FloridaPeterEnhanced Resistance Pines for Improved Renewable Biofuel and Chemical ProductionPlant Genomic Research
Eloe-FadroshLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryDuncanEnhanced metadata standards supported by the National Microbiome Data CollaborativeMicrobiome
LeakeyUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignYanEngineering Yarrowia lipolytica to Produce 3-acetyl-1,2-diacyl- sn-glycerolConversion
LeakeyUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignCaiEngineering Vegetative Lipids in a Fast-Growing and High-Biomass Arabidopsis LinePlant Feedstock
KeaslingLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryOtoupalEngineering Rhodosporidium toruloides for Bioproduction of Polyketide Synthase and p- Coumarate Derived CompoundsDeconstruction
KeaslingLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryVuuEngineering Plants with Novel Metabolic Pathways as a Production Platform for BioproductsPlant Feedstock
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryWangEngineering Plant Cell Wall Polysaccharide O-Acetyltransferases with Altered SpecificityDeconstruction
LeakeyUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignMartinEngineering of the Non-Model Yeast Issatchenkia orientalis to Produce Organic AcidsConversion
GillUniversity of ColoradoFreedEngineering of Regulatory Networks for Complex Phenotypes in E. coli and S. cerevisiaeBiosystems Design
TabitaOhio State UniversityNorthEngineering of Enhanced Microbial Anaerobic Ethylene Synthesis Through Predictive Modeling and Metagenomic Functional Gene DiscoveryMetabolic Engineering
DonohueUniversity of British ColumbiaMahonEngineering naringenin into the lignins of transgenic poplarLignin Valorization
BaxterDonald Danforth Plant Science CenterCousinsEngineering Enhanced Photosynthesis and Water Use Efficiency in SorghumBiosystems Design
DonohueUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonGreenhalghEngineering DXS for Improved Flux into the MEP PathwayMetabolic Engineering
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryBleemEngineering a Cytochrome P450 System for Oxidative Demethylation of Lignin-Related AromaticsLignin Valorization
ChainLos Alamos National LaboratoryLupiniEndo-hyphal Microbiome: A Core of Bacteria Associated with the Nitrogen CycleMicrobiome
Tullman-ErcekNorthwestern UniversityAbrahamsonEmploying Bacterial Microcompartments To Create Privileged Redox Pools for Biofuel ProductionMetabolic Engineering
DotyUniversity of WashingtonSherElucidation of the Roles of Diazotrophic Endophyte Communities in Promoting Productivity and Resilience of Populus Through Systems Biology ApproachesPlant-Microbe Interactions
SalvachuaNational Renewable Energy LaboratorySalvachuaElucidation of Aromatic Catabolic Pathways in White-Rot FungiLignin Valorization
AlonsoUniversity of North TexasYadavElucidating the Temporal and Spatial Organization of Storage Lipids using 13C-labeling in Developing Embryos of pennycress, a Promising Source for Aviation FuelMetabolic Engineering
EvelandDonald Danforth Plant Science CenterEvelandElucidating the Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Drought Resilience in SorghumPlant Genomic Research
DantasWashington UniversityAnthonyElucidating Aromatic Utilization Mechanisms in Engineered Rhodococcus opacus Strains for Lignin ValorizationLignin Valorization
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryBahriEffects of Claviceps spp./Epicoccum andropogonis Inoculation on Switchgrass Phenotypic TraitsPlant Feedstock
OrphanUniversity of CaliforniaPhilosofEcology, Diversity, and Biogeochemical Contribution of Viruses in Methane-Rich SedimentsEnvironmental Microbiology
PapoutsakisUniversity of DelawareFosterDynamic Modeling of a Synthetic Clostridia Triple Co-culture for Producing Medium-Chain Fatty Acids from GlucoseComputational Biology
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryFensterDynamic Control of Aromatic Catabolism, In Situ Efflux Pump Engineering, and High-Throughput Functional Genomics in P. putdia KT2440 Enabled by CRISPR-Cas9Metabolic Engineering
DonohueMichigan State UniversityTejera NievesDrought Caused a 33% Reduction in Switchgrass (Panicum Virgatum L.) Biomass with Minimum Effects on Net CO2 AssimilationSustainability
DinnenyStanford UniversityDinnenyDivergence in stress tolerance mechanisms across the Brassicaceae family highlight strategies for maintaining growth and physiological balance under extreme environmentsPlant Genomic Research
DonohueMichigan State UniversityFanDisruption of Brachypodium distachyon Lichenase Alters Metabolism of Mixed-linkage Glucan and StarchPlant Genomic Research
LeakeyUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignDubinkinaDiscovering Transcription Regulation Networks in Bioenergy-Relevant Yeast SpeciesConversion
MohimaniCarnegie Mellon UniversityCaoDiscovering peptidic natural products by integrating computational mass spectrometry and genome miningComputational Biology
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryGhoshDisc Milling of Fermented Corn Stover to Increase its Accessibility to Fermentation by Clostridium thermocellumDeconstruction
AllisonUniversity of CaliforniaScalesDifferential Response of Microdiversity to Simulated Global Change Within a Bacterial GenusMicrobiome
JamannUniversity of IllinoisAdhikariDifferential Regulation of Maize and Sorghum Orthologs in Response to the Fungal Pathogen Setosphaeria turcicaPlant-Microbe Interactions
AllisonUniversity of New HampshireMorrisonDiel Activity of Microbial Communities in Surface Soil LitterMicrobiome
YoungVanderbilt UniversityZunigaDevelopment of untargeted metabolomics approaches to study bacterial-fungal co-culturesMicrobial Physiology
LongUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignChanDevelopment of Sustainable Transformation of Miscanthus x giganteus to Improve PhotosynthesisBiosystems Design
WestphelingOak Ridge National LaboratoryWestphelingDevelopment of emerging model microorganisms: Megasphaera elsdenii for biomass and organic acid upgrading to fuels and chemicalsMetabolic Engineering
KeaslingLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryKaplanDevelopment of Automated Workflows and Data Processing to Enable the Conversion of Bioenergy Crops into Biofuels and BioproductsTechnology Development
YeatesUniversity of CaliforniaGallagher-JonesDevelopment and Deployment of Enabling Technologies at the UCLA-DOE InstituteComputational Biology
WheeldonUniversity of CaliforniaWheeldonDeveloping the yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus as a thermotolerant bioproduction hostMetabolic Engineering
DavisonUniversity of CincinnatiNickelsDeveloping next-generation modeling techniques to analyze biomembrane neutron scattering dataMicrobial Physiology
SedbrookSandia National LaboratoriesChopraDeveloping mutant resources for pennycress to domesticate and improve crop resiliencePlant Genomic Research
AllenColorado State UniversityKassawDeveloping episome-based gene expression platforms in the model diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutumBiosystems Design
CoatesTexas Tech UniversitySadeghiDetermination of Phosphite (HPO3-2) by a New IC/MS/MS Method Using an 18O-abeled HPO3-2 Internal StandardEnvironmental Microbiology
BlabyBrookhaven National LaboratoryBlabyDelivering the goods: leveraging functional genomics to understand cofactor traffickingPlant Genomic Research
DonohueUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonParrellDeletion of the ntrYX two Component System in Rhodobacter sphaeroides Causes the Generation of Diverse Extracellular Membrane StructuresMicrobial Physiology
LeakeyUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignDibaeiniaDeep Learning of Transcriptional Regulation in Issatchenkia orientalisComputational Biology
LuMontana State UniversityLuDeciphering genetic and physiological mechanisms that enhance nitrogen use efficiency and seed oil accumulation in camelinaSustainability
DunbarPacific Northwest National LaboratoryCampbellCycles of Wetting and Drying Reduce Carbon Efflux and Litter Decomposition in Soil MicrocosmsBiogeochemistry
UmenUniversity of MissouriUmenCuration and Characterization of Conserved Green Lineage ProteinsPlant Genomic Research
FirestoneLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryCeja-NavarroCross-Kingdom Characterization of Community Dynamics and C flow in Grassland SoilsMicrobiome
NuccioLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryNuccioCrosstalk: Interkingdom interactions in the mycorrhizal hyphosphere and ramifications for soil C cyclingPlant-Microbe Interactions
AntonopoulosArgonne National LaboratoryWeinbergCRISPR-Act: AI-guided Prediction of a CRISPR Kill Switch Under Diverse Physiological ConditionsBiosystems Design
AneUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonMacIntyreCreating representative microbial communities to promote biological nitrogen fixation on sweet sorghumPlant-Microbe Interactions
LuUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignShinCo-consumption of mixed sugars through the division of labor (DOL) in a synthetic Saccharomyces cerevisiae consortiumBiosystems Design
SullivanThe University of ArizonaAminiTabriziCoupled Metabolomics and Transcriptomics Analyses Reveal Active Dynamics of Infection in VirocellsMicrobiome
TagaUniversity of CaliforniaHallbergCorrinoids as model nutrients to probe microbial interactions in a soil ecosystemEnvironmental Microbiology
BlumwaldUniversity of California, DavisRubio-WilhelmiContribution of Serine Biosynthesis and Degradation to Carbon and Nitrogen Metabolism During Salinity stress in PoplarPlant Feedstock
SteenUniversity of TennesseeRoyaltyContribution Evenness: A functional redundancy metric for microbially‐mediated biogeochemical rates and processesEnvironmental Microbiology
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryStoneContinuous hydrodeoxygenation of neat poplar lignin oil to jet-range aromatic hydrocarbons with molybdenum carbideConversion
StuartLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryHestrinContext Dependent Mycorrhizal Resource Exchange in Bioenergy Cropping SystemsPlant-Microbe Interactions
ChurchHarvard Medical SchoolNyergesConstruction of a Synthetic 57-Codon E. coli Chromosome and Tools for Microbial Genome-Scale RecodingBiosystems Design
MaedaUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonMaedaConstructing the Nitrogen Flux Maps (NFMs) of PlantsPlant Genomic Research
AdamsUniversity of TennesseeKellyCone Penetrometer 3-D Characterization of Y-12 Site to Determine the Hydrological, Geological and Biogeochemistry Best Sites for ENIGMA Subsurface ObservatoriesEnvironmental Microbiology
LeakeyUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignYangComparison of Actively Growing (RNA) and Potentially Active (DNA) Soil Microbial Communities in Miscanthus x giganteusEnvironmental Microbiology
DunbarCornell UniversityWattenburgerComparing In-Situ, Individual Bacterial Growth Rates in Cropped and Successional Soils Using a 16S rRNA Internal StandardMicrobiome
JuengerUniversity of Texas at AustinMacQueenCommunity Resources to Study Switchgrass Adaptation Using Genome-Wide AssociationPlant Genomic Research
AdamsOak Ridge National LaboratoryKainerCombining Multi-omics with Random Walks to Explore the Function of Candidate GenesBiosciences Division Microbiology
JewettNorthwestern UniversityBrownClosing the Carbon Cycle: Design, Optimization and Scaling-Up Production of Carbon-Negative Platform ChemicalsBiosystems Design
DonohueUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonVanacloigChemical genomic profiling of hydrolysates and toxins: implications for yeast strain engineeringDeconstruction
DavisonUniversity of TennesseeLiangChemical and Morphological Structure of Solubilized Lignin Extracted via Ethanol, Tetrahydrofuran, and γ-Valerolactone Pretreatments from Wild Type and Transgenic SwitchgrassDeconstruction
TyoNorthwestern UniversityDinhCharacterizing Thiamine Diphosphate Dependent Enzymes for Promiscuous C-C Bond Formation CatalysisMetabolic Engineering
HancockPennsylvania State UniversityStarrCharacterizing the degradation of cellulose by combinations of cellulolytic enzymesDeconstruction
DonohueMichigan Technological UniversityChipkarCharacterizing fungal inhibitors in drought-stressed switchgrassPlant-Microbe Interactions
StuartLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryMorrisCharacterizing algicidal bacteria and their mechanisms in antagonistic algal-bacterial interactionsEnvironmental Microbiology
StuartLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryBrissonCharacterizing Algal Exo-Metabolites and Their Impacts on Algae and Associated BacteriaEnvironmental Microbiology
Pett-RidgeLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryMarschmannCell Size Constraints on Microbial Ecophysiology and Implications for Soil Carbon CyclingEnvironmental Microbiology
AllenUniversity of California, San DiegoMoosburnerCas9-mediated mutagenesis of GS-GOGAT genes in the diatom Phaeodactylum tricornutumMicrobial Physiology
FirestoneLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryKakouridisCarbon Transported by Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi to Soil Alters the Characteristics of Soil Organic Carbon as well as the Soil Microbial CommunityPlant-Microbe Interactions
WinklerUniversity of WashingtonCandryBridging Scales: Conceptualizing microbe-climate links in wetland ecosystemsEnvironmental Microbiology
CarlsonPennsylvania State UniversityCarlsonBreeding Resilient, Disease-Resistant Switchgrass Cultivars for Marginal LandsPlant Feedstock
DoktyczOak Ridge National LaboratorySchadtBio-Scales Pilot Project: Defining gene function and its connection to ecosystem processesPlant-Microbe Interactions
LeakeyUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignChengBiorefinery of Lignocellulosic Carbohydrates: Production of Lipid and Ethanol through Engineered Microbial ConversionConversion
MartienssenCold Spring Harbor LaboratoryErnstBiological Design of Lemnaceae Aquatic Plants for Biodiesel ProductionBiosystems Design
NorthenLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryYeeBioinformatic Guided Enrichments to Develop Representative Rhizosphere CommunitiesBiosystems Design
FirestoneLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryFossumBelowground Allocation and Dynamics of Recently-Fixed Plant Carbon in a California Annual Grassland SoilEnvironmental Microbiology
Solis-LemusUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonShenBayesian Conditional Auto-Regressive LASSO Models to Learn Sparse Networks with PredictorsComputational Biology
AbrahamOak Ridge National LaboratoryVasilevaBacterial quantitative trait-loci (QTL) mapping - a novel method for identification of genetic determinants affecting establishment of allopatric bacteriaPlant-Microbe Interactions
YooBrookhaven National LaboratorySotoAutomated knowledge harvesting from literature text, tables, and figures using natural language processing and machine learningComputational Biology
KeaslingLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryGarcia MartinART: A machine learning Automated Recommendation Tool for synthetic biologyConversion
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryYuanApplication of Base Editing Technology in PoplarMetabolic Engineering
DonohuePrinceton UniversityGeisslerAnalysis of Carbon Capture in Lignocellulosic BiorefineriesSustainability
RouxLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryRouxAn Integrated Machine-Learning Framework for Reliable Host Prediction of Uncultivated PhagesEnvironmental Microbiology
JiaoUniversity of MarylandVanArsdaleAn Electrochemical Model of Rhizosphere ROS Generation to Analyze Commensal Engineering StrategiesBiosystems Design
YeatesUniversity of CaliforniaBraybrookAdvancing the molecular understanding of growth in algae and plantsPlant Genomic Research
SedbrookUniversity of MinnesotaMarksAdvancing field pennycress as a new oilseed biofuels feedstock that does not require new land commitments - Improving pennycress stand establishmentSustainability
BoyleUniversity of California, DavisMetcalfAdvanced Metabolic Modeling of Diurnal Growth in Chlamydomonas reinhardtiiMetabolic Engineering
ChainLos Alamos National LaboratoryBindschedlerAdaptive hydrophobic and hydrophilic surface response of fungi to changing growth conditionsEnvironmental Microbiology
EvansPacific Northwest National LaboratoryEvansAccessing advanced cryo-EM at EMSLTechnology Development
AneUniversity of FloridaVermerrisA Systems Understanding of Nitrogen-Fixation on the Aerial Roots of SorghumSustainability
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryStreichA Rapid Semi-Automated Phenotyping System to Capture the Highly Useful Diameter at Breast Height In Populus trichocarpaComputational Biology
CannonUniversity of CaliforniaCannonA Physics-Based Model of Fungal Metabolism and its RegulationComputational Biology
TabitaOhio State UniversityMuraliA Nitrogenase-like Methylthio-alkane Reductase Complex Catalyzes Anaerobic Methane, Ethylene, and Methionine BiosynthesisMetabolic Engineering
BlabyBrookhaven National LaboratoryGrosjeanA New Structural Paradigm In Heme Binding - A Novel Family Of Plant Heme OxidasesPlant Genomic Research
TaylorOak Ridge National LaboratoryBailey-BaleA new 15 acre field plantation for CBI harnessing the natural diversity of Populus trichocarpa and determining the genetic basis of drought tolerancePlant Feedstock
CannonUniversity of CaliforniaBrittonA Multiscale Model of Fungal Growth & MetabolismComputational Biology
KeaslingLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryDengA mass spectrometry based high-throughput platform to study lignin modifying enzymesTechnology Development
DonohueUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonEnrightA High-Efficacy CRISPR Interference System for Gene Function Discovery in Zymomonas mobilisMetabolic Engineering
EgbertPacific Northwest National LaboratoryHandakumbura3D Cartography of the Sorghum RhizospherePlant-Microbe Interactions
MouserUniversity of New HampshireColosimo'Omics Analyses of the Hydraulically Fractured Shale Isolate Halanaerobium Highlights Membrane Modifications that Underpin Adaptation Under Deep Subsurface Biogeochemical DriversEnvironmental Microbiology
DavisonOak Ridge National LaboratoryPingaliVisualization of plant cell wall polymers using neutron scattering and deuterium labelling in plantaDeconstruction
Pett-RidgeOhio State UniversityZablockiVirus Activity in Soil Revealed Through SIP-MetagenomicsEnvironmental Microbiology
SullivanOhio State UniversitySunViral ecology through time and along a permafrost thaw gradientEnvironmental Microbiology
BuckleyCornell UniversityBarnettUsing Metagenomic Stable Isotope Probing to Identify Genomic Signatures of Bacterial Life History StrategiesEnvironmental Microbiology
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryRomeroUsing Iterative Random Forest to Predict the Progeny of Crosses in Populus trichocarpaComputational Biology
AdamsLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryMutalikUsing high-throughput technologies to understand mechanisms of predationEnvironmental Microbiology
MarxUniversity of IdahoMarxUsing Gene Editing and an Accumulated Bioproduct as a Reporter for Genotypic and Phenotypic Heterogeneity in Growth-v-Production for Methylobacterium extorquens Conversion of Aromatics to ButanolMicrobial Physiology
SchillingUniversity of MinnesotaSimpsonUsing aggregated field collections data and the novel R package "fungarium" to investigate fungal traitsEnvironmental Microbiology
JanssonPacific Northwest National LaboratoryLiptonUnveiling the Molecular Mechanisms Underlying the Microbiome Response to Soil RewettingEnvironmental Microbiology
TfailyUniversity of ArizonaGraf GrachetUntargeted metabolomics by high resolution LC-MS/MS revealed different metabolic profiles of oaks (Quercus spp.)Technology Development
AlonsoUniversity of North TexasSagunUnravelling the Role of Pennycress (Thlaspi arvense L.) Proteins in the Modulation of Neutral Lipid Droplet AbundancePlant Genomic Research
TasLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryTasUnderstanding the microbial controls on biogeochemical cycles in permafrost ecosystemsEnvironmental Microbiology
AbrahamOak Ridge National LaboratoryTannousUnderstanding the establishment of Sphaerulina musiva and development of genetic approaches to enhance poplar disease controlPlant-Microbe Interactions
KeaslingLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryGaoUnderstand the Nanoarchitecture of Native and Engineered Plant Cell Wall via Multi-dimensional Solid-state NMRPlant Feedstock
OrphanCalifornia Institute of TechnologySharmaUncovering Syntrophies within Methane-Oxidizing Microbial Consortia in Sediments: Synthesizing Insights from the Subcellular to the Population ScalesEnvironmental Microbiology
EisensteinUniversity of MarylandEisensteinTransgenic Poplar Lines Reveal Host Genes Involved in Defense Against RustPlant Feedstock
JonikasPrinceton UniversityWangTransforming our understanding of chloroplast-associated genes through comprehensive characterization of protein localizations and protein-protein interactionsPlant Genomic Research
RaoUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignWoodruffTranscriptomic and Metabolomic Analysis of Nitrogen and Carbon Metabolism in Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Rhodotorula toruloidesMetabolic Engineering
NorthenLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryDukovskiTowards integrated rhizosphere microbial community modeling through bottom-up COMETS genome-scale metabolic simulations and top-down data analysisBiosystems Design
ChurchHarvard Medical SchoolNarasimhanTowards genetic incorporation of an Orthogonal Ribosome-tRNA pair and D-amino-acids in E.coli.Biosystems Design
LeakeyUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignEidTowards an Efficient Multiallelic Gene Editing Platform for Highly Polyploid SugarcanePlant Feedstock
KeaslingLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryChenTitle: An semi-automated workflow for high-throughput and quantitative proteomic analysis of metabolic engineered microorganismsTechnology Development
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryCallaghanThermodynamic analysis of C. thermocellum glycolysis using deuterated water (2H2O) during high substrate loading fermentationsConversion
HungateWest Virginia UniversityMorrisseyThe temperature sensitivity of soil: microbial biodiversity, growth, and carbon mineralizationBiogeochemistry
JuengerUniversity of Texas at AustinLovellThe switchgrass genome: polyploidy and introgressions facilitate climate adaptation and biomass yieldPlant Genomic Research
MucheroOak Ridge National LaboratoryMucheroThe Plasminogen-Apple-Nematode (PAN) domain is a key negative regulator of Jasmonic Acid and Ethylene-mediated defense responses in plants.Plant-Microbe Interactions
HungateNorthern Arizona UniversityPropsterThe Phylogenetic Organization of Tundra Bacterial Growth in Response to Short-Term and Long-Term WarmingEnvironmental Microbiology
Eloe-FadroshLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryVangayThe National Microbiome Data Collaborative community survey on microbiome research dataMicrobiome
SchnellMichigan State UniversityShachar-HillThe metabolic origins of non-photorespiratory CO2 release during photosynthesis: A metabolic flux analysisMetabolic Engineering
Pett-RidgeLawrence Livermore National LaboratorySokolThe Influence of Drought on Carbon-Use Efficiency and Soil Carbon Formation in Rhizosphere and Detritusphere Microbial CommunitiesEnvironmental Microbiology
LeakeyUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignMitrosThe Genome of the Perennial Biomass Grass Miscanthus sinensisPlant Genomic Research
NorthenUniversity of CaliforniaAdamsThe Filamentous Fungus Trichoderma atroviride as a Model System for Understanding Fungal Genetics, the Plant-Fungal Symbiosis, and Interactions With Diverse BacteriaBiosystems Design
AdamsLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryValenzuelaThe Development, Progress, and Cross-Campaign Investigation of the Abiotic Influences on Denitrification Processes Partitioned Between Synthetic CommunitiesEnvironmental Microbiology
BaxterUniversity of Rhode IslandKauschThe Development of Transgenic Lines and Improved Technologies for the Analysis of Photosynthetic and Water Use Efficiencies in SorghumPlant Genomic Research
KeaslingLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryCoatesThe development of an automated platform for the use of Polyketide Synthases for Biofuels and Sustainable Chemical ProductionConversion
LeakeyUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignLiTesting Unifying Theories of Ozone Response in C4 Bioenergy GrassesPlant Feedstock
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratoryBartlingTechno-economic analysis and life cycle assessment of a biorefinery utilizing reductive catalytic fractionationConversion
AdamsLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryTrotterTechnologies for High-Throughput characterization of environmental isolatesEnvironmental Microbiology
NorthenUniversity of CaliforniaDiamondTechniques for in situ DNA delivery and targeted editing within microbial communitiesBiosystems Design
NorthenLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryAndeerTEAMS: Advancing microbiome science through high-throughput, automated EcoFAB experimentsMicrobiome
BaxterUniversity of MinnesotaVoytasTargeted Mutagenesis and Programmed Transcriptional Regulation in Setaria and SorghumTechnology Development
AdamsLawrence Berkeley National LaboratoryGushgari-DoyleTargeted Isolation Using Field-Informed ApproachesEnvironmental Microbiology
StuartLawrence Livermore National LaboratoryNavidSystem-level analysis of metabolism of Kordia algicida and its interaction with Phaeodactylum tricornutumComputational Biology
MichenerOak Ridge National LaboratoryAllemannSystems metabolic engineering of Novosphingobium aromaticivorans for lignin valorizationLignin Valorization
TuskanOak Ridge National LaboratorySeoSystems Metabolic Engineering of Clostridium thermocellum for Direct Conversion of Cellulosic Biomass to Designer C4-derived EstersConversion
AdamsNorth Carolina StateCrosbySystems Biology-Based Optimization of Extremely Thermophilic Lignocellulose Conversion to BioproductsMicrobial Physiology
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